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Office supplies and desk equipment

Many people spend a large part of their school, university or work life at a desk. The exhibitors at Insights-X show numerous office supplies products that can equip this workplace in a way that gives it more appeal. The office supplies range from simple filing trays to various aids for organising and presenting purposes.

Products in this category

Desk Equipment

Adhesive tapes; adhesives; business card files; cash boxes; clips; desk butlers; desk lamps; desk pads; desk tidies; desktop calculators; filing systems; filing boxes and trays; globes; glue sticks; hole reinforcement rings; index card boxers and rotary card files; letter openers; magazine files; bookshelves; memo boxes and blocks; moisteners; note spikes; paper clips and binder clips: paper clip dispensers; pen trays and holders; shredders; pocket calculators; punches; rubber rings and bands; rulers; scissors; sorting and storage boxes; stamps and accessories; staple removers; stapling machines; tape dispensers; waste-paper baskets and bins; and more


Cables;CD sleeves; cleaning products; cutting machines; document shredders; headphones and headsets; labelling devices; laminating devices; loudspeakers; microphones; mobile phone accessories; mouse pads and wrist supports; mice and keyboards; printer cartridges; storage media; storage systems for storage media; toners; and more


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