Info on tickets for media representatives and content creators

This year we have a new accreditation system for Insights-X. For this reason, we are requesting all media representatives and content creators to complete a one-time registration process in the run-up and create a personal customer account. Have a proof of entitlement to hand when you do so.


The kind of documents we accept as proof can be seen in our accreditation guidelines. PR and advertising agencies will only be accredited if they work for one of our exhibitors and have sufficient proof.

Once we have checked your data, we’ll let you know whether you meet the criteria for press accreditation. If you do, you can download your ticket via your customer account and save it in the Insights-X app.

Important note

The Insights-X is a trade fair. Only media representatives and trade visitors older than 16 years have access. Press entrance cards are not issued to employees of publishing house management, advertisement or promotion department, etc. or to relatives without suitable proof of journalistic activity.

Press Center

As an accreditated journalist you have access to the Press Center on the fairground.

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Press Releases

Get more information in the official Insights-X press releases.

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Press contact

The PR team can answer your questions about Insights-X and your online accreditation.