Virtual worlds at the point of sale

The future of retail does not belong to the crystal ball anymore. Virtual reality, smart devices and robots are already being tested on their effects on customers’ shopping experiences. With a combination of new technology and classical human interaction and assistance, completely new options for the point of sale arise.

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3 questions to… Andreas Steinhoff

Through its subsidiaries, “The Designgroup” supplies the entire world with packaging materials. The Dutch company has been around since 1970. Every year, it offers new trendy and customer-oriented designs, which are either thought up by its top European designers or depict licensed characters from Disney, Warner Bros, and many more…. … Read article

The shop window: your calling card

Think back to the last time you strolled through a city or enjoyed a shopping trip: which shop windows and advertising messages do you still remember? Which stores used appealing design to encourage interaction, left you smiling or amazed, or even gave you such a good feeling of anticipation that you were drawn inside? … Read article

Order in the office: how to declare war on chaos – for good

For some people, orderliness accounts for half their life … and the office for the other. But anyone who thinks they’re a genius and can tame the chaos is making a big mistake. When the in-tray is overflowing and the folders are crammed between family photos and coffee cups, it all quickly makes an incompetent impression in what is supposed to be a professional environment. … Read article

Celebrate a festival of colours

You can rely on nature to lead the way: spring is encroaching on winter and the drab greys are slowly giving way to cheerful colours. People in India welcome spring by celebrating Holi – the festival of colours. Your customers are also craving colour. Invite them to celebrate a festival of spring colours in your store. … Read article

3 questions to… Jens Magdanz

HAN Bürogeräte GmbH & Co. KG has had quite a lot to celebrate this last year. In the last 60 years, the company has evolved from being a manufacturer of wooden card index boxes to an innovative supplier of products that keep everything on your desk neatly arranged and well organised. … Read article

Insights-X with Fotobulli at Spielwarenmesse 2018

Exhibitors and visitors interested in Insights-X got to meet the team at the Spielwarenmesse 2018 from 31 January to 4 February inclusive. Apart from the welcome provided by our friendly colleagues at our information stand, centrally located at Entrance Mitte, there was also an opportunity to get reacquainted with a familiar sight from the InsightsArena 2017 – the Fotobulli photo booth. … View impressions

5 reasons for beautiful gift packaging

Just before the holidays, sales of wrapping paper and decoration are once again booming. Big gifts and ‘little somethings’ only really turn into a Christmas present when they’ve been lovingly gift-wrapped. High time, then, to make a plea for wrapping paper and co. … Read article