5 reasons for beautiful gift packaging

Just before the holidays, sales of wrapping paper and decoration are once again booming. Big gifts and ‘little somethings’ only really turn into a Christmas present when they’ve been lovingly gift-wrapped. High time, then, to make a plea for wrapping paper and co. … Read article

3 questions to… Herbert Lettner

Herbert Lettner is CEO of Edle Kalender, an Austrian family business. He and his team exhibited at Insights-X 2017, promoting the company’s guiding principle of spreading joy (and making friends) through giving gifts, while putting a smile on the faces of many visitors by gifting a little gem themselves. …Read article

A slightly different trade fair experience

This year’s Insights-X did not only provide join-in activities, a PartnerLounge and live artist action but suprised its guests with a special highlight in the InsightsArena. On this special area, trade fair visitors and exhibitors had the chance to capture their memories of the stationery expo in Nuremberg within truly unique pictures.

… View impressions

Insights-X 2017 has opened

In the presence of guests from the world of politics, business, industry and the media CEO Ernst Kick launched the third Insights-X on 5 October 2017. With  305 exhibitors from 41 countries appearing at the stationery expo, many visitors are expected in the halls on the fair grounds in Nuremberg until the 8 October. … View impressions

3 questions to… Martina Heiland

Martina Heiland is a graduate in Communications Sciences. After 15 years’ professional experience in corporate communications in various industries, she has been responsible for internal and external communication at DURABLE in her role as Internal PR Manager since 2015. … Read article