Special Award Ergonomics: the winners are in!

Category Writing utensils

EASYbirdy Pastel Edition (STABILO International GmbH)

Category (School) Bags and backpacks

Active Air FLX (Beckmann AS)                                                 

The decisions have been made and we are pleased to announce the nominees for the Special Award Ergonomics 2021! All products offer added ergonomic value through their health-promoting and preventive design.

The selection procedure will be based, amongst other things, on the following criteria:

  • the product promotes health and prevents physical strains
  • the product quality and design is an expression of functionality and durability
  • user guidance, ease of use, self-explanatory functions
  • it is an innovative product solution
  • sustainability, environmental compatibility and compliance with or exceeding social standards

Nominated products in the category writing utensils:

EASYbirdy Pastel Edition

STABILO International GmbH

The key to developing neat handwriting is choosing the right writing instrument. It is not only the ergonomic design and the non-slip grip zone that make the STABILO EASYbirdy the ideal companion for children in elementary school. Thanks to the 30-degree adjustable angle of the nib, the STABILO EASYbirdy also adapts to the child's individual hand position, ensuring clean writing - without blotting or scratching. A special edging on the nib prevents blue fingers while writing.

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Füller Grip Harmony

A.W Faber-Castell Vertrieb GmbH

The Grip fountain pen is suitable for continued writing from grade 5, as soon as writing is automated, or for children who have motor difficulties and a very cramped pen posture. The ergonomics of the Grip fountain pen support both left- and right-handed users in writing fluently thanks to its rotationally symmetrical shape. Likewise, the Soft Grip zone ensures fatigue-free holding and a pleasant writing experience. The optimal ink-nib combination ensures particularly smooth and easy writing.

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Bleistift Jumbo Grip Two Tone

A.W Faber-Castell Vertrieb GmbH

The Jumbo Grip Two Tone pencil offers essential features to optimally support children in the process of learning to write. The triangular shape is particularly advantageous, ensuring the greatest possible contact between fingers and pencil and thus promoting the correct three-finger grip in both right-handed and left-handed children. When drawing and writing with triangular pencils, changes in direction, pressure dosage and gripping the pencil are more relaxed, enabling a fatigue-free writing posture. In addition, the patented Grip Zone prevents fingers from slipping and guarantees optimum grip.

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Nominated products in the category (school) bags backpacks:

coocazoo MATE

Hama GmbH & Co KG

MATE is the versatile all-star for every day: The large design selection is deliberately kept gender-neutral and offers the right color and pattern for every taste. With a tare weight of approx. 1,250 grams (without detachable elements, total weight: approx. 1,350 grams), it offers plenty of space with a capacity of 30 liters. Thanks to EASY GROW system, the MATE grows from a size of 135 cm to 180 cm. The right backpack for the transition to secondary school. Thanks to the new back padding, it fits even better on the child's back. The ergonomically shaped hip belt relieves the back optimally.

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Active Air FLX

Beckmann AS

Active Air FLX challenges conventional thinking when it comes to school backpacks. The back system is based on a combination of air and padding, which results in more support and stability. The Active Air FLX distributes pressure more evenly over a larger portion of the back. This results in better support and stability. The new FLX system makes it easy to increase the volume in the backpack from 20 to 25 liters if needed. Made entirely from recycled PET bottles and in a sustainable and socially responsible way, documented by our membership in the FairWear Foundation.

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DerDieDas ErgoFlex MAX "Neon Star"

Georg A. Steinmann

The school backpack offers maximum carrying comfort and even "grows" with the child, so that it can be used optimally for several years. Thanks to the multiple height-adjustable back strap system, the school backpack adapts perfectly to the child's back. The mesh-padded straps in an ergonomic S-shape are fixed by means of an easily adjustable Velcro loop system. The pelvic strap with padded side wings shifts the centre of gravity ergonomically to the hips, relieving the strain on the shoulders and back. The ErgoFlex is also a particularly light school backpack, weighing only 800g.

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