Special Award Ergonomics 2020: the winners are in!

The decisions have been made and we are pleased to announce the winners for the Special Award Ergonomics 2020! The award for ergonomically designed products will be presented this year for the very first time by Insights-X and the Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie (IGR), the renowned German institute for health and ergonomics.

The selection procedure will be based, amongst other things, on the following criteria:

  • the product promotes health and prevents physical strains
  • the product quality and design is an expression of functionality and durability
  • user guidance, ease of use, self-explanatory functions
  • it is an innovative product solution
  • sustainability, environmental compatibility and compliance with or exceeding social standards

The winners

Category Writing utensils

STABILO EASYgraph S (STABILO International GmbH)

Category (School) Bags and backpacks

coocazoo, ScaleRale (Hama GmbH & Co KG)


Category Writing utensils

Category (School) Bags and backpacks

Category Writing utensils


STABILO International GmbH

Learning to write made easy! Especially when learning how to write, it is important that users can guide the pen in a controlled manner without exerting too much pressure – otherwise their muscles tense up and their hand quickly tires. The grip moulds for left- and right-handed users along the length of the pencil in the STABILO EASYgraph S range ensure that young users will always be able to enjoy the best possible grip on their writing instrument.

To Stabilo

Stylus Pen Best Ager

ONLINE Schreibgeräte GmbH

The Stylus Pen Best Ager is a genuine all-rounder. The metal biro with a stylus tip and ergonomic grip zone enables users both to write on paper and operate digital input devices such as smartphones, tablets and ATM screens contactlessly. One special bonus is its sustainability thanks to its high-quality, large-capacity refill and the possibility of changing the stylus tip.


Kaweco Perkeo Kalligraphie Set

Kaweco h&m gutberlet GmbH

The Perkeo Calligraphy Set lies light as a feather in one‘s hand thanks to its ergonomically shaped grip and low weight of just 14 g, thus enabling fatigue-free writing. The pen sits firmly and comfortably in one's hand thanks to a slight elevation in its front area and recesses in its grip. Three interchangeable nibs in sizes 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9 provide ideal conditions to adapt the pen to the user's preferences.

To Kaweco

Category (School) Bags and backpacks

Active Air FLX


The Active Air FLX school backpack uses an innovative back system based on a combination of air and padding to ensure maximum carrying comfort. The air is automatically distributed in the air cushions when pressure is applied. This provides a better hold and, at the same time, ensures greater stability. The volume of the backpack can be increased from 20 to 25 litres. Made entirely from recycled PET bottles and produced in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, documented by our membership in the FairWear Foundation.

To Beckmann

coocazoo, ScaleRale

Hama GmbH & Co KG

The "EASY GROW SYSTEM", the very easy-to-use adjustment system, can be altered in a user-friendly manner by means of a rotating knob, even while the child is wearing the rucksack on its back. Soft back padding, additional compression straps, and a chest and hip belt relieve the child's spine. One special bonus is its sustainable and socially responsible production: the inner material consisting of recycled PET bottles, the PFC-free coating, with no harmful PVC materials and its climate-neutral production.

To Hama

Walker Rucksack Campus Evo, Laser Blue


Thanks to the three-stage height-adjustable carrying system (S, M or L), the height of the backpack can be individually adapted to suit the body size. This helps to prevent chronic back problems, a crooked posture and permanent damage to the spine. The breathable 3D air mesh also makes it comfortable to wear while providing reinforced padding on the back.