Schedule 2017

Dates and deadlines for exhibitors

Make sure you don’t miss any dates by using this practical schedule for your trade fair preparations. It contains recommendations for optimizing your presentation at the Insights-X 2017. You can also import the most important data from the schedule into your own calendar.


Online Service Center

You can now use the Online Service Center to further plan your participation in the expo.

To the Online Service Center


Arrange stand construction

Have you already considered how your stand should look at the expo? Now is the time to start planning.

Stand construction briefing checklist

Tutorial videos

Our tutorial videos help you make the most of your time before, during and after your participation in the trade fair.

Book accommodation

Reserve rooms now for your team – Nuremberg has affordable hotels for overnight stays during the expo.

Search for affordable deals online now

Deadline for exhibiting fee payment

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TipOnline catalogue goes live

Have you considered reviewing the data for your obligatory media entry in the Online Service Center?

Plan PR and marketing activities

How can you call attention to yourself and get the right customers to your stand?

Discover lots of marketing materials, such as our free visitor flyer bursting with information on Insights-X. Take a look at the other checklists and downloads provided to you by Insights-X for this.

Plan join-in activities now!

We’re big on getting involved at Insights-X! Activities at your stand and in the InsightsArena studio offer visitors an added incentive to visit you at your stand. Start thinking about this now – and get inspiration from our article on activities at your stand!

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Deadline for booking join-in activities

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Submit your stand plans

Latest date for submitting your stand plans.

Please also indicate your stand construction contractor now in the Online Service Center.

Plan invites

Have you already considered how you would like to invite your customers to Insights-X? Now is the right time to invite your (international) customers and interested parties! Marketing materials for advertising your participation, such as our free visitor flyer bursting with information on Insights-X, can be found in the download area.

Visitor invitation and communication checklist

Deadline for booking promotional measures

Catch the eye of your potential customers away from your stand as well – such as with banners, walking acts or showcases in the transition zone between Halls 2 and 3. All promotional measures, including possible locations, can be found in the Online Service Center.

Your own ideas are also welcome. Contact Annemarie Thenn directly and we’ll check if it’s possible to bring your creative ideas to fruition.

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Book your advertising spaces throughout the fairgrounds – e.g. with banners, walking acts or showcases in the aisle between hall 2 and 3. All advertising measures incl. possible placements can be found in our Online Service Center.

Your individual ideas matter, too. Please contact Laura Vogt and we will check your proposals on practicability.

Export to your calendar

Order technology and stand services

Order now any additional technical services required for stand construction, such as a power point. This way you can avoid surcharges which some ServicePartners charge for late bookings. For the latest deadlines for each of the individual areas in the Online Service Center, please refer to this overview of dates.

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Book parking permits for loading yard parking area

Parking permits for the loading yards can be ordered from today via the Online Service Center. There are only a limited number available. It pays to act quickly!

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Deadline for ordering:

  • telecommunications equipment
  • suspensions from the hall ceiling
  • registration of systems and equipment requiring notification, acceptance and approval (fire safety)

Place orders in the Online Service Center.

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Deadline for ordering extra invitation vouchers

Cover the cost of admission to the expo for your customers by providing them with voucher codes for free tickets.

Order codes in the Online Service Center.

Letter stickers and banners with the dates of the Insights-X 2017 and your stand number complete your invitation.

Deadline for:

  • ordering additional exhibitor IDs and assembly/dismantling passes
    You are automatically sent your contingent of free exhibitor IDs following full payment of your exhibiting fee and all incidentals (dispatch: August onwards).
  • requesting a VAT refund or legal support
  • stand construction and additional equipment via MEPLAN

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Arrange an appointment with your personal contact

Would you like to meet up with your personal point of contact during the expo? Arrange an appointment now.

Arrange appointment now

Deadline for:

  • ordering long-term parking permits
  • registering a WiFi connection or access point
  • booking office or conference rooms
  • requesting exhibition insurance
  • registering stand parties

Go to the Online Service Center.

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TipStand staff briefing/training

Promote a professional appearance at the stand by ensuring your stand staff receive the best possible preparation.

Stand staff briefing checklist

Deadline for:

  • requesting stand security
  • requesting a water supply
  • staffing services
  • registering/requesting waste disposal

Go to the Online Service Center.

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TipStand decoration

You can also order flowers and plants for decorating your stand via the Online Service Center.

Deadline for:

  • press box booking
    Providing a press folder is a very simple means of attracting media interest.
    Book a press box now
  • requesting stand cleaning
  • ordering media and event technology

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Start of assembly

The exhibition centre can be accessed for assembly from 7 am – 8 pm daily. Please note that the assembly and dismantling times also apply to our ServicePartners. When booking a stand construction package, please coordinate the supply of your stand with our MEPLAN GmbH ServicePartner.

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Deadline for ordering a power supply

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TipStand organisation

Ensure everything runs smoothly at the stand and your visitors are perfectly supported, and lay the foundations for your expo follow-up activities.

Stand organisation checklist

TipRequest shipping

Our logistics ServicePartners and experts will assist you on the ground.

Insights-X 2017

Insights-X opening

The opening ceremony for Insights-X will take place at Entrance Mitte on 5 October from 8:30 am onwards.

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Deadline for submitting the “IPR Certificate” form to apply for IPR protection

End of dismantling at 7:00 pm

You can dismantle your stand from 3 pm on 8 October to 7 pm on 9 October. Please note that the dismantling times also apply to our ServicePartners. Stand construction packages and any all-inclusive stands booked via MEPLAN GmbH will be dismantled from 5 pm on 8 October 2017. Please ensure that all goods have been removed from your stand area by then. If you will not be able to clear your stand by this time, please let your personal point of contact at MEPLAN know.

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Expo follow-up

Gain a competitive edge by formulating fast, specific responses to your visitors.

Trade fair follow-up checklist