Wrapping gifts: effective and sustainable

Anyone who unwraps a gift enjoys the haptic experience full of anticipation and feels the appreciation of the person giving the present. This is evident in both the choice of gift and the type of packaging. Small details or refined packaging methods make the wrapping and unwrapping of gifts original and creative. Whether using a gift wrapping service in shops or wrapping gifts at home, there are many ways to wrap gifts quickly but effectively.

Wrapping more beautifully: tips on social media


Whether on Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest, users on social media are inundated with gift ideas and so-called "hacks" for beautiful wrapping. Creative minds present their tips and tricks under the hashtag #giftwrapping. Whether it's wrapping methods or ideas for particularly bulky gifts, everyone can find help for their cause on the social networks.

Some wrapping methods give the gift an unusual look with just a few simple steps. The so-called "kimono" method is very popular. By folding the wrapping paper over each other, small compartments are created. Cards or other decorations can be inserted into these. The kimono folding technique especially enhances rectangular, otherwise very plain gifts such as books.

The "pleats" method is also popular. It has a classic look and is particularly suitable for single-coloured paper. Here, the wrapping paper is folded 3-4 times straight over each other to create texture.

The "seashell" method is also widely used on social media. The wrapping paper is shaped like a fan and thus looks like a shell. This gives the wrapping a 3D effect and the wrapped gift no longer looks just rectangular. This wrapping can be adapted and used for any festivity by decoration or motif of the wrapping paper.

Wrapping more sustainably: recycling and natural materials


The topic of sustainability continues to gain momentum. The call for resource-saving consumption permeates all areas of life and affects the choice of packaging material, too.



Environmentally conscious gift givers can get their hands on gift wrapping or gift boxes with the help of recycling or upcycling. Paper bags from shopping or shipping boxes are given a second life. Folded newspaper is also an eye-catcher.

Packing paper


Natural coloured packing paper is also underestimated. With decorative elements, printed ornaments or a colourful brushstroke, plain paper can be quickly upgraded. This is good for the wallet and gives the packing paper a very personal touch. If you don't like painting, you can achieve a lively play of colours on the plain wrapping paper with lots of colourful or patterned ribbons.

Natural materials


Plants are the epitome of naturalness and always effective. This starts with the gift ribbon. Unlike the usual crinkly ribbon, ribbons made of natural fibres and yarn can be easily reused. Decorated with short twigs or a miniature flower arrangement, the gift looks elegant indeed. Eucalyptus branches or flowers also look good when tucked into the ribbons.

At Christmas time, fir greenery, cinnamon sticks or dried orange slices are suitable. These decorations also add a nice scent to the gift.

Wrapping paper books: for wrapping or giving as a gift


The patterns and colours of wrapping paper rolls seem endless. However, if you like it very individual, you can use wrapping paper books. Depending on the book, a different amount of wrapping paper sheets is included. Often the papers are designed by an artist and coordinated with each other. Matching gift tags complete the package. And the books themselves are also perfect as gifts.

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