Working effectively and with style: here are the office trends of today

All sorts of modern technology have now become staples in the office, so to say. Daily tasks are performed on the computer, meetings are held digitally via video conference tools, and projects with colleagues are now realised with the help of team software. As a result of this all-pervading technologisation, the demand for tangible and haptic things in the office is growing.

Everything at an analogue glance

Everyday office life is full of deadlines that need to be met, which can theoretically be managed easily via computer or smartphone. Nevertheless, many people write their appointments and notes into stylish little notebooks deliberately by hand. Because of this, Grafik Werkstatt has developed a new, elegant personal organiser. The faux leather softcover is available in a classic black, grey, sand and modern mint, as well as soft pink and rosewood. The silver lining adds an elegant touch to the look. The organiser, now in a slightly thinner DIN A5 format, is held shut by an elastic band which can be easily opened with a convenient strap. A calendar with a weekly view across two pages, a year and month preview for 2021 and 2022, as well as marked holidays and school holidays provide for an overview. Additionally, a folding pocket will hold important loose slips of paper.

Cheerful and colourful highlights and structure – by hand and via app

Post-its are great for organisation in a calendar and on important documents. As index strips they are great bookmarks, as arrows in personal organisers they can point out especially important meetings, and as sticky notes on the computer they can serve as helpful reminders. The organisational wonders by 3M help in making work more efficient and colourfully structured, thereby also more productive – whether working from home or in the office. To ensure that all employees are up to date about the work status no matter where they are, all notes can now be digitised quickly, processed, and easily shared via the new post-it app.

Nowadays, important meetings and information are highlighted in trendy pastel colours. The "Textmarker Pastel" in classical highlighter form and "Textmarker Fine" in practical pen form by Kores are a must-have in daily office life. The chisel tip on the markers makes highlighting and underlining easy work. The cap on the top can be fastened to the bottom as well, to make sure it does not get lost.

Sustainability made in Germany

Helpers such as letter trays, pen holders, magazine racks and wastepaper baskets keep desks orderly and structured. With the "Re-Loop" series, Han has created a sustainable product range of desk items produced in a resource-saving manner and made 100% out of recycled plastic. The products, which are available in five classic office colours and five bold colours, are targeted towards both business-users as well as private customers.

Transparent and sustainable organisation

Even though the amount of paper in the office is decreasing, important documents still need to be organised. Elco is extending its product range with organisational folders made of paper, as an ecological alternative to the usual transparent plastic folders. Furthermore, paper folders are very functional, as they can be written on with any pen, do not slide apart when stacked, and have a certain stability to them, so that nothing gets crumpled up in the briefcase. Even more sustainable is "Elco Ordo zero" which has a window made of biodegradable glassine paper, instead of plastic. This ecological variant is available in five colours and is even made with FSC-certified paper.

The office continues to be a hybrid mix of analogue and digital and is becoming more ecologically sustainable.

About the author:

Gabriela Kaiser has been the owner of a trend agency since 2002, after working 6 years as designer for knitwear. She visits trade fairs as a trend scout and gives lectures there. She advises companies from industry and trade on upcoming trends and writes regularly for various trade magazines.

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