With innovative products back at the Insights-X – Interview with D.K.T.

D.K.T. is a backpack and stationery manufacturer from Portugal with customers from all over the world. From small fashion stores to wholesalers, D.K.T. supplies customers with the right bags and back to school products. Since 2014, D.K.T. has been an annual exhibitor at Insights-X and will be exhibiting again this year. In the interview, Managing Director Paulo Branco tells us which new products await us on the D.K.T stand at the Insights-X 2021.

What are you looking forward to when the orange carpets will be rolled out again in Nuremberg in October 2021

Paulo Branco:  We are happy to finally be able to return to active life and to show all the news we have, both to our long-standing partners and to the entire market in general. The last time has been hard for everyone, it will be good to return to normal even with constraints.

Do you have any new products up your sleeve for Insights-X 2021 that you can already tell us about?

P. B.: We have new products every year and this year will be no exception. In addition to presenting the new collection of our brands, we will introduce a women's sports line from the Unkeeper brand for the first time at a fair and we will also introduce our backpacks with electronics. These are innovative products on the market and we are confident that they will have a receptivity at the same level of recent years. 

What characterizes the collections of your three brands UNKEEPER, MARSHMALLOW Concept and MISS LEMONADE?

P. B.: Our brands have different characteristics. Our brands Marshmallow and Miss Lemonade, introduce materials and design that you usually only see in fashion backpacks. Marshmallow is for a younger audience, Miss Lemonade is for teens. 
Unkeeper is more sporty and until last year was made thinking about a male audience. This will change from now on and that’s one of the news we have to present.

As a company, what do you place particular emphasis on and what is your philosophy?

P. B.: We need retailers to be at their maximum strenght. Our clients are seen as business partners and we want to develop long term relationships with them. Their success is our success. Our philosophy is to provide them with innovative and high-quality products and make them shine with our products. 

Why should customers choose to work with D.K.T.?

P. B.: We have a different aproach. When we say that we have the best backpacks, we are not lying and I invite everyone to come to our stand and see for themselves how much better our backpacks are comparing with our competition.  

How have the last few months of homeworking and homeschooling changed your business and what opportunities have arisen?

P. B.: In terms of our individual organization, working from home has not been an issue for us and proved to be a solution if we ever need to do it again. In terms of the market itself, I think I can speak for all players on the market when I say that our core business is back to school season and homeschooling kills our business, there is no other way to put it.

From an exhibitor perspective, why would you recommend attending at the Insights-X?

P. B.: We consider Insights-X vital for our business and all the players in the market consider it as well. From a seller perspective, it is the best place to be because all buyers are there. From a developer perspetive Insights-X is also an excelent place to be as all market players are there and you can check your competition, predict the future of the industry and make your decision based on real life interactions with the people who matter. 

Thank you very much for the interview!

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