Trends for Christmas trade – from traditional to modern

In times of uncertainty and the unknown, many people long for reliability and stability. Since Christmas is a family festival, it has always been strongly characterised by rituals and customs, and this is still the case today. Traditions and habits from our own childhood give us a sense of security and exude a familiar feeling of comfort.

Celebrate the classic way: in red and green

When we think of Christmas, what automatically comes to mind is the green fir tree with shiny red baubles, since the tree was originally decorated with red apples. Gold is often added as an accent in order to lend an elegant and festive note to the Christmas look; the classic gold-coloured Brass Sport fountain pen from Kaweco is ideal for writing your Christmas cards. Winter woodland provides the source of inspiration for materials and it is not just pinecones, acorns and nuts that are making their mark on advent decorations, untreated natural wood and kraft paper are too. Increasingly, environmental considerations are playing a special role especially when it comes to wrapping paper, as this is a very short-lived product. As a result, natural-coloured kraft papers, such as those offered by Stewo, are gaining in popularity.

Nostalgic motifs and shapes

Colours and materials are not the only areas where many people are reaching for the tried and tested; in terms of patterns and shapes, it is holly, mistletoe and pine forests that are once again decorating the likes of wrapping paper, biscuit tins and serviettes. The plant motifs are joined by figures like Santa and snowmen, while the good old nutcracker is also making a comeback. At Rico-Design, these can be seen in the form of gift tags providing the finishing touch to presents or gracing the table as three-dimensional figurines in the traditional Ore Mountains fashion. Similarly, DIY fans can create their own personalised nutcracker, as there are also unpainted versions made of wood that you can decorate according to your own wishes with acrylic and metallic paints before embellishing with a few extra craft supplies like plush.

Advent time is craft time

When it gets cold outside and night falls early, what better way to while away the hours than by staying inside your cosy home? Plain papers can be decorated with motifs and sayings using ink stamps and punches in the shape of stars and snowflakes, such as those from Knorr Prandell, and thereby transformed into custom wrapping paper and greetings cards. Christmas tree decorations and festive interior decorations can be fashioned from pompoms, balls and pipe cleaners. Those lacking good ideas for what they could craft will find a wide range of concrete Christmas projects in the Creative Sets and Creative Boxes from Creativ Company.

Cool and modern festivities

Cooler green tones that reach all the way into turquoise and teal will suit purist interior design better, with rose pink and fuchsia adding trendy accents to them. Gloss and metallic glitter reinforce the cool style. The Edding advent calendar, which takes the form of a stylised mountain landscape with metallic finishes, is a perfect example of this. So too is the diary from Häfft-Verlag; the upper part of the cover glimmers with turquoise. Fir trees present themselves in hand-painted form, drawn onto cups using porcelain pens from Marabu, or quite simply lined up in neat rows on wrapping paper and gift bags from the likes of Rössler-Papiere. Graphic patterns, such as that seen on the Campus Diamond fountain pens from Online Schreibgeräte, round off the simple linear theme.

Celebrating Christmas with traditional colours, materials and motifs is back in fashion as these offer us an extra dose of comfort. Aficionados of somewhat cooler and simpler design will also find products to suit their style. 

About the author:

Gabriela Kaiser has been the owner of a trend agency since 2002, after working 6 years as designer for knitwear. She visits trade fairs as a trend scout and gives lectures there. She advises companies from industry and trade on upcoming trends and writes regularly for various trade magazines.

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