Trade fairs help boost your image

These days, business is all about grabbing people's attention. Only companies that are successful in attracting customers' attention can successfully steer their business into a bright future. Every company, therefore, has to consider how it is perceived and the image that people have of it. Corporate image is always the result of actions and the image the company itself cultivates. A company at a trade fair leaves a lasting impression, because that's the environment where one-to-one contact plays a key role.

Command attention: brand presence

Wherever you look, you can't help but encounter advertising messages. According to the German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche in October 2018, consumers saw up to 850 advertising messages a day in the 1980s and about 3,000 at the turn of the millennium. Today, everyone is bombarded with up to 13,000 advertising messages every single day. If you don't want to go under in this flood of advertising, you have to call attention to yourself and make yourself seen. The trade fair stand has to be professionally designed so it can achieve precisely that goal. 

Signal your status: make a statement

Your stand at the trade fair also has to make a statement. Anyone who creates an eye-catching stand and arouses curiosity is a veritable magnet for trade fair visitors. Every time an exhibitor appears at a trade fair, he has to decide what impression he wants to make – does it correspond to the company`s position in the industry, does it reflect the vision of the company. Whether an exhibitor is a strong market leader or an innovative start-up company, the size and design of the stand always make a clear statement to the industry participants.

Be a front-runner: industry relevance

A trade fair is and will always be a showcase. Anyone exhibiting at a trade fair showcases the company, showcases his products and showcases his innovations. This is especially important in the environment where trade rivals also present themselves. After all, a non-exhibitor always supports his rival companies' success by generously handing over his potential trade fair visitors to them. Retailers come to get in-depth information and to shop. What is not exhibited is ignored and thus becomes less relevant for potential customers. Thus at trade fairs, the following is true: only those who play can win.

Experiencing products: the brand world

By appearing at a trade fair, companies can create so-called brand worlds. This is a unique chance for companies to immerse their customers in their company's brand identity. People who frame their products within their corporate values and incorporate them into a story also reach out to people on an emotional level, making the brand experience a lot more intense and long-lasting than a mere visit from some sales rep.

What is equally important is the message your company would like to be remembered for after the trade fair has come to an end. The wording has to get the message across in a nutshell and the stand design has to underpin it. The employees will then also be able to get into conversation with trade fair visitors more easily and strengthen the brand presence with a personal touch.

Up close and personal: face-to-face communication

When it comes to marketing and advertising messages, face-to-face meetings are the first and most effective way to establish a lasting relationship with prospective and current customers, because all marketing formats and advertising media grab people's attention for a matter of a few seconds. However, an in-depth relationship with the company and product is only generated in conversations between employees and customers. This applies to new and long-established contacts. And a positive corporate image is not merely a prerequisite for acquiring new customers, but also for holding on to existing ones. Even though products, services and prices on the Internet are easier to compare, many customers still rely on a personal business relationship that's founded on trust.

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