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In October, Insights-X once again throws open its doors and invites the paper, office supplies and stationery industry to Nuremberg. The brand expo presents innovations, trends and industry know-how from the office, school and hobby sectors for the coming business year. To ensure that everything goes well at the stationery expo, both first-time exhibitors and experienced trade fair professionals will find important tips for successful trade fair preparation below. After all, good and structured trade fair preparation is what guarantees a successful trade fair presence. And for many exhibitors, the last trade show was quite some time ago due to the enforced break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tip 1: Clearly define your trade fair objectives


The first important step for successful trade show preparation is for the team to set and formulate its trade show goals. The entire planning process depends on this – from determining the layout, functionality and design of the stand and the selection of exhibits to defining the visitor invitation and supervising guests at the stand. The key tasks need clearly defined goals. A kick-off meeting with all the divisions involved clears up any possible conflicts between the different interest groups within the company. At this meeting, the divisions should coordinate with each other and jointly define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (i.e. SMART) trade fair objectives. Besides clear and consistent trade fair communication, this creates a binding guideline for all trade fair activities.

Tip 2: Budgeting


Like the trade fair objectives, the budget should also be planned in a realistic and specific way so as to create a solid financial foundation for your presence at the trade fair. Good budgeting makes preparing for a trade show easier in many respects. Trade show planners gain clarity about the cost structure of taking part in the trade show. At the same time, financial planning over several years enables budget benchmarking so that it’s easier to track the development of individual cost items.

Tip 3: Planning the exhibition stand


An impressive exhibition stand attracts visitors and draws the eyes of potential customers. This is only possible if the exhibition stand conveys a clearly formulated message and thus represents the company in the best possible way. Perfect stand planning can be derived from the trade fair objectives; it takes into account both functional and emotional aspects. Early planning is particularly important so that stand builders can plan for sufficient resources and personnel despite the current bottlenecks.


Tip 4: The visitor invitation


In addition to trade fair objectives, budgeting and stand planning, visitor invitations play a vital role. Since the time available to trade fair visitors is limited, it’s all the more important to attract attention in advance of the trade fair. You should create incentives for visitors to visit to your stand and make concrete appointments before the trade fair starts. In order to do so, exhibitors can use multi-stage and cross-media invitation campaigns that generate increased attention. Exhibitors can book Insights-X marketing packages to help them achieve this goal.

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Tip 5: Visitor marketing


Visitor invitations should be accompanied by targeted visitor marketing. Your participation in the expo should be integrated into all your communications so that you inform as many interested parties as possible that you will actually be there. E-mail signatures, your website, advertisements and newsletters can all be interesting media to get this message across. In addition, the communication channels of the organiser can also be used to draw attention to you and your company.

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Extra tips for Insights-X 2022


Owing to the current general conditions, we recommend booking labour-intensive services from the ServicePartners as early as possible so that they can guarantee availability. The Insights-X team recommends that you order such services right after you have received your stand confirmation. It’s also worth planning for replacements for stand personnel so that the team can be kept at full strength even in the event of a last-minute absence.

Currently, there are no restrictions for events. Potential changes and a hygiene concept will be published by the Insights-X organiser on the Insights-X website if need be.

Insights-X 2022 will see the launch of a new platform: Insights-X Digital. This digital addition combines the advantages of the on-site expo with the possibilities offered by an interactive networking platform. Company profiles, product entries, online events and contacts with top visitors…Insights-X Digital offers all this. As of September, exhibitors will receive instructions and tutorials for the new platform via a newsletter. This way, they can successfully participate in Insights-X in both analogue and digital form.


Trade fair success made easy


Exhibitors will find wide-ranging information, download materials, checklists and a white paper for their successful trade show presence on the Insights-X website. 

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