The team meets face to face with exhibitors

Paris – Warsaw – Tokyo – Istanbul – Porto. The Insights-X team has been jetting around the globe to promote the paper, office supplies and stationery expo. Everywhere they go, they are finding great interest among potential new exhibitors. No matter where they come from, companies who have already taken part in the stationery expo mention the pleasant atmosphere in Nuremberg. Exhibitors never cease to be amazed by how easy and efficient it is to strike deals there. The next Insights-X will take place from 9 to 12 October 2019.

In all of the cities visited, companies have been taking the opportunity to hold intensive face-to-face discussions with the Insights-X team and the representatives in the respective country. While many multipliers, such as associations and journalists, were interested in finding out more about the stationery expo in Warsaw, the who’s who of the stationery industry attended the Paris event. There was tangible and broad support among these trade fair experts. One French Insights-X exhibitor emphasised the expo’s perfect timing in October in preparation for the following back-to-school season. As this is the most important season in the industry’s annual cycle, he encouraged other companies to take part in the expo. Subsequently, further exhibitors quickly registered for Insights-X 2019.

In Istanbul, members of the TÜKID manufacturers’ association and media representatives were joined by many potential exhibitors. They also praised the timing of the expo and many expressed their desire to boost their exports. Turkish exhibitors were already the fourth-largest contingent of international exhibitors at Insights-X 2018. With Turkish Airlines now offering additional direct flights from Istanbul, it will be even easier to get to Nuremberg in 2019. Journalists and businesspeople attended the event in Tokyo. Both current and potential exhibitors came for information on the plans for the fifth Insights-X. The visitors in Japan were particularly positive about the growth in the expo and the close cooperation between the expo team and participants. To conclude the Insights-X tour, the expo team will travel to Portugal on 21 May 2019. Interested parties still have time to register with the representative.

The team in Nuremberg and representatives all over the world are happy to answer any other questions that companies may have regarding the stationery expo. To see which companies have already registered for Insights-X, check out the Exhibitor preview 2019.



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