The perfect trade fair preparation

The Spielwarenmesse eG’s own trade fair team makes a perfect expo preparation easy for Insights-X exhibitors: In only 10 minutes, the tutorial will show you how to go about planning your trade fair participation strategically. The tutorial “Strategic Trade Fair Planning” was developed in cooperation with the trade fair service provider MEPLAN GmbH and was created not only for first-time exhibitors, as it has many tips for experienced trade fair professionals as well.

Having the right priorities

Often first-time exhibitors go about planning their trade fair participation more strategically than frequent exhibitors. They see their first participation as an investment towards business success. Over time, frequent exhibitors lose this approach. However, exhibitors must have their priorities right every time. Once the key decisions are made, the entire preparation can be done with the right things in mind.

The tutorial “Strategic Trade Fair Planning” concentrates on the most crucial points of planning. It explains the process of project planning, the importance of goals, the impact a trade fair message can have and also gives tips for budget planning.

Project planning

By concentrating on success factors while planning an exhibition, one can avoid getting lost in all the details. However, there are always certain hurdles that must be overcome in the planning process. The guideline gives suggestions as to which steps should be taken after the registration process and how the right project plan can become a helpful management tool.

Trade fair goals

A company could have as many goals as it has departments. To avoid confusion, a company should therefore work out its own clear and measurable primary goal for its trade fair participation. One important factor is to take the goals visitors may have themselves into account as well. That way, the company can reach out to visitors in an elegant fashion, while also realising its own participations goals.

Trade fair message

The goal of your trade fair activities should be transcribed into a trade fair message. Whoever manages to best convey the message “We have what you want” to trade fair visitors will be the winner. A successful trade fair message is one that draws people’s attention and brings the target audience to your stand.

Budget planning

Budget planning is much easier for companies with trade fair experience because they can fall back on their own experiences. Luckily, AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, has average values for calculating which are made available to newcomers. Developed especially for the Insights-X, the trade fair team offers its exhibitors and interested companies a trade fair calculator to uncover the costs and opportunities associated with their trade fair participation.

No matter if for first-timers or after years of trade fair experience, the tutorial gives helpful input to anyone on how to use the immense potential a trade fair participation offers exhibitors and their business.

Manufacturers and suppliers of paper, office supplies and stationery will show themselves from their best side at Insights-X from 9 to 12 October 2019. Find out how to go about planning the perfect trade fair preparation strategically.

Go to the tutorial: Strategic Trade Fair Planning

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