The Long Night of Writing is on 15 June 2023

Initiative Schreiben e.V. invites you to take part

An uplifting feeling spreads through you when you put your thoughts in order and you then put them down on paper, in beautiful handwriting. Stationery stores can give their customers the chance to experience this creative moment with an event on the Long Night of Writing. On 15 June 2023, the German writing association Initiative Schreiben e. V. will continue the long-standing tradition. Its goal is to give people the chance to write by hand and express themselves.

“We invite all institutions and companies that want to connect people with the topic of peace and their handwriting to join in,” says Judith Prem, Managing Director of Initiative Schreiben e. V. This includes companies such as stationery stores, craft stores and bookstores, as well as educational institutions or schools. The participating stores or institutions organise the events on their own premises and invite their customers or target group to join in.


Writing for peace

“With our annual topic of writing for peace, we give people chance to engage with the topic of peace,” Judith Prem explains. Time and again, wars flare up in the world, whether in Africa, Asia or now also in Europe. Many crisis areas are scarcely noticed by the public these days, but no matter where, the suffering of people is appalling everywhere. This is the background to the annual topic of Initiative Schreiben, which is also the topic of this year’s Long Night of Writing.

Messages of peace

When it comes down to it, there are many ways to send messages of peace:
  • Designing a mobile with doves of peace, inscribed with greetings and wishes.
  • Designing cards with wishes of peace that are then sent to the various embassies in the country.
  • Writing a personal letter to one’s dearest enemy.
  • Writing peace banners.

And many other ideas that come to the mind of the groups taking part.


Information on the Long Night of Writing


Initiative Schreiben can help you by providing you with PR materials.

Material package for announcing and preparing the event
Contents: cards, window decorations, window stickers, posters, and PR material.
If required: a virtual preparation workshop
Price: €90. Free of charge for members of Initiative Schreiben e. V.
Judith Prem, Managing Director
Tel: +49-176-6030 5513


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