The Long Night of Writing

Perhaps you have already made plans for your next vacation and are looking for a creative way to capture the memories? The second Long Night of Writing hopes to inspire us to pack our writing utensils as well before we head off. The campaign launched by the German INITIATIVE SCHREIBEN e. V. association aimed at encouraging people to commit their travels to paper will be held on 21 June 2018.

Writing makes us happy

The goal of the INITIATIVE SCHREIBEN association is to publicly highlight the importance of writing. In spite of all of our digital communication, handwritten notes and texts still produce a much greater feeling of happiness. When we write, we are immersed in our own thoughts and can give free rein to our creativity. Our handwriting style is unique to us, like a second set of fingerprints, and part of our personality. Accordingly, we can compose individual texts without parallel. Writing also improves our ability to express ourselves and fosters our capacity for complex thought.

We have a close connection with handwritten texts and often take hold of them to reminisce. So why let beautiful holiday experiences gather dust in photos and files when you can use handwriting to produce something wonderful?

Long Night of Writing

Partners from industry and trade participating in the Long Night of Writing are hoping to stimulate people’s enjoyment of writing. The event was first held in 2017. Focusing on the adventure of writing, the partners demonstrated how crafts and design could be combined with special writing experiences. With last year having been a great success, the initiative will take place again in 2018. Writing enthusiasts will be able to choose from activities in various locations in the German-speaking world, this time with a focus on wanderlust.

What’s on

The idea behind this year’s Long Night of Writing is to encourage people to preserve their holiday memories in writing. Travel journals, postcards and maps of the world will be designed in workshops. Additional activities will then be offered at each participating venue in order to take these travel materials to the next creative and aesthetic level. These include:

  • Hand lettering and calligraphy courses for artistically capturing tales from dream vacations
  • Workshops on sketchnotes (notes that include images, text and structures)
  • A workshop on Zentangle – shapes with repetitive structured patterns

There will be opportunities to try out writing utensils, inks and pens at the various activities so that people can see the quality for themselves. Other special offerings, such as notepad and pen engraving, will also be available. Check here to see which activities will be offered at each location.

Visit participating companies and take part in the workshops. The many creative ideas will give you inspiration for your business and maybe also for how to organise your holiday memories next time around.

Many other ideas relating to writing and paper products can be found at Insights-X from 4 – 6 October 2018 in Nuremberg. Get your admission ticket now for your stationery expo.

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