The fascination with acrylic pouring

Pouring is the trend from the USA that is captivating everyone. What makes the popular acrylic pouring technique so enticing is its versatility. From unique kaleidoscopes of colour through to unpredictable creations – the creative possibilities are limitless.

What is pouring?

Pouring is an artistic technique that involves pouring paints onto a canvas. No special tools are needed, just paint, the acrylic pouring medium, a canvas and the desire to be creative! To create your masterpiece, the different acrylic paints are, first of all, mixed with a pouring medium. The individual paints are poured into a container and, from there, tipped directly onto the canvas. Finally, the canvas is tilted in different directions and the result is a unique set of colour gradients. It is possible to achieve very different results, depending on the technique applied and the ratio of paint to pouring medium used in the mixture. Artistic effects can be produced by mixing in silicon, for example. The technique is suitable both for beginners and for experienced artists.

On-trend in your own store

As a trend-conscious retailer, you know the importance of ensuring that the latest trends from the paper, office supplies and stationery sector are represented in your store. The attractive presentation of items is decisive for the success or failure of products. Pouring products can be presented perfectly in specially-designed areas - separate tables, shelves, sales cabinets or themed displays are all good examples of these. They say that “less is more” and this is no exception; it is worth arranging the pouring sets in a way that is visually appealing. The basic products can be supplemented by instruction booklets or brochures. 
Attention-grabbing media, such as a screen with explanatory videos, can also help to arouse the interest of customers. Whether you want to play a DIY video showing how to create particular marbling effects or a step-by-step guide for beginners, there are lots of videos on the topic available on YouTube.


Finished works are a great eye-catcher. These are not only a source of inspiration, they also act as a spur for customers to try out the new technique. If these works are created by an artist live before the eyes of the audience, the whole thing has a show effect and provides the customer with an experience. A small artists’ corner that invites customers to try out the technique gives your customers a great opportunity to experience it themselves and will increase their willingness to buy in a lasting way.

Creative together

Retailers like boesner and idee. der Creativmarkt show how it's done. They tempt their customers into their stores with exciting workshops on acrylic pouring. Being creative together, learning new techniques and building a relationship with the customer: a customer event offers many advantages. It also strongly increases the chances of turning a casual customer into a loyal customer. To make the pouring workshop a roaring success, certain arrangements are required. You will need to have a workshop leader with appropriate expertise, materials and a suitable venue. 

Tips for retailers


  • Always highlight a trend in your store, presenting it in a skilful way.
  • Hold live tutorials or hire an artist to demonstrate the acrylic technique on site in order to inspire customers.  
  • Organise workshops in order to create an experience for your customers.

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