Stationery Design Trends 2021: An outlook

People want to be inspired. They find inspiration wherever they find answers to their current needs, emotions and thoughts. There they feel understood. This spirit of the time is also reflected in design. Scarlet Opus, a British agency for lifestyle, consumer and design trends, has its finger on the pulse. Its trend agents have put together a richly illustrated presentation with an outlook on the Stationery Design Trends 2021 for the Insights-X News. 

Discover the Stationery Design Trends 2021 now!

Stationery Design Trends 2021

About the author

Scarlet Opus is an agency for lifestyle, consumer and design trends that informs clients about how people will live, work and play in the future. Our aim is to make our clients' business plans and strategies more secure and reduce risks. We do this by identifying which future trends are relevant to their specific business and visualising how they can benefit from them.

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