Showcasing art supplies online - Here’s how to get it right

It’s hard to imagine modern life without Twitch, YouTube and the like – streaming platforms where we can find videos and live streams on any topic that interests us, and even take part if we wish. In this article, we highlight how the paper, office supply and stationery industry can also use this trend to its advantage.

What are streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube?

Twitch is a live streaming platform that is mainly focused on video games. Anyone with a Twitch account can follow the most popular accounts, influencers and businesses. Users are notified as soon as a live stream begins. They can then communicate with the streamer, as well as other users, via the chat feature.

YouTube also has a live streaming function. The benefit of both platforms is that you don’t have to catch every stream live. If you can’t join at the time of streaming, you can view a video later on demand. 

The pandemic has further boosted the popularity of streaming platforms. At the same time, countless new areas of interest have been added. Users can now find streams on any topic, from video games and cooking shows to artists that paint, craft or creatively design material.

What is the role of influencers?

Influencers are opinion leaders who reach their target group by posting text, videos, images and other content on various online platforms. They often have great reach, especially among young people. Their followers learn to trust them, which makes marketing activities especially effective.

Accordingly, influencers are now an essential part of marketing. Companies have various options in this regard. They can either engage well-known influencers with a large community to showcase their products or create their own channel and upload their content in the form of videos or live streams. If companies are looking to reach their target group online over the long term, it’s worth having their own presence in order to build customer trust and loyalty.

Showcasing art supplies online

The paper, office supply and stationery industry is also using the live streaming trend to its advantage. Take Faber-Castell, for example, which cooperated with two well-known Twitch artists from the outset – graphic designer JosYMovieS and artist Yvraldis. In sessions lasting several hours, the two drew using products from the company’s Art & Graphic collection to show the various ways in which the art supplies could be used. 

In addition to Twitch and YouTube, Instagram Live is another platform for showcasing art supplies. The experts at ONLINE Schreibgeräte GmbH offer free online workshops on various topics on Instagram Live, including travel bullet journaling and summery lettering. To ensure they have everything they need to hand during the stream, viewers can purchase a material pack in the online shop in advance. Since June 2022, ONLINE Writing Instruments has been offering free creative livestreams with changing artists via Instagram. ONLINE invites interested pen lovers to take a one-hour creative break from everyday life and get inspired.

“Frau Hölle”, a lettering and watercolour artist, coach, blogger and the founder of the Frau Hölle Studio, has a number of different offerings. She provides online workshops that are immediately available on booking, so that users can choose the time and place that suits them to watch them. In addition, she hosts weekly live streams on YouTube as well as online workshops for which tickets can be acquired by those wishing to take part live.

Live streaming tips for beginners


1. Choose the right platform: Which streaming platform is the right fit for your company and target group? You need to get this question right at the outset.

2. Find your niche: Which area of the paper, office supply and stationery industry does your company wish to cover? It’s important to find a niche for your videos.

3. Design your channel: An attractively designed channel will help you to gain new followers. For example, think about a meaningful name and beautiful logo.

4. Get the right streaming equipment: Users don’t need to spend a whole lot on equipment. But the quality should be good from the off, especially for artistic videos.

About the author:

BASIC Thinking is an online magazine and is one of the widest reaching tech platforms in German-speaking countries. The magazine reports about social media, marketing, and business topics daily. This article was written by Christina Widner from BASIC thinking GmbH and BASIC thinking International.

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