Setting the scene for special religious celebrations - How customers become guests in the stationery retail business

Design ideas for special religious celebrations

In their shops, retailers can showcase design ideas for special festive occasions in various ways: from table settings at the point-of-sale (POS) to the shop window. Those who set up the special themes all at the same time at the start of the year can create a unifying design element with helium-filled balloons, each matching the special theme, or with creative flower arrangements. This can be complemented with banners saying "Think about the big day now – Mira’s christening" or "Plan your wedding decorations now – Yes, we do...." Those who instead set up the special tables in their shop throughout the year should present the respective occasion in a different look depending on the target group.

Special religious celebrations don’t have to be all in white

Table decorations in a uniform colour scheme look particularly harmonious. A vintage-style wedding design in pastel shades of mint & rose, different shades of blue for "Leon’s first communion" or delicate shades of yellow together with white and cream for "Anna’s christening" for example. Depending on the design idea, besides shades of white and cream, there are many ways how you can colour coordinate balloons, flowers, napkins and table runners. A colourful place setting looks cheerful and inviting. But beware! A multi-coloured arrangement can quickly overwhelm the eye of the beholder.

Using symbols

When it comes to first communions, confirmations and christenings, there is a wealth of corresponding symbols, such as a cross, a fish, a rainbow, a tree, a dove, water or a sheep and shepherd. Weddings are symbolised by two hearts, two white doves, two rings, two champagne glasses, a wedding cake, a bride and groom as well as the lettering Mrs & Mr. In the form of small decorative objects or place cards on the table and on the invitation card, they enhance the setting of the special day.

Flower power

Flowers are the icing on the festive cake, so to speak. Small bouquets and individual blooms in glass bottles, different vases or preserving jars always fit the bill. Jars can be further enhanced and wrapped with bands of lace, decorated with ribbons, drawn on with a lacquer pencil or painted on with glass paints. Fragrant, loose flower arrangements enhance a romantic look. In shops, it’s easier to use high-quality artificial flowers instead of real flowers. When they’re placed in glass vases full of water, they are barely distinguishable from real flowers.

 Turning customers into guests

The more authentic and creative retailers are when they design the product displays in the shop, the more likely customers are to feel part of the staging and find what they’re looking for. A festive wedding table at the POS arouses more emotion and attention than a mere sales table does. The products on display, such as place cards, napkins, greeting cards, albums and wrapping paper, can be elegantly integrated into the design, while shoppers will find the corresponding merchandise on shelves or stands near the table. Customers will appreciate ready-made DIY bags that contain all the materials they need, along with brief instructions on how to use them. Such packages are convenient and make the selection process easier.

Retailers who stage special religious celebrations in an extraordinary way and with lots of loving details, will soon become the go-to address for creative trendsetters. And they expand the circle of customers by word of mouth.

Cross-connections between the point of sale and social media


  • Inspiration: You can find plenty of inspiration on social media as to how to showcase special religious celebrations in your store.
  • Onsite-online: By showcasing special religious celebrations, you create content for your own website, e.g. by offering downloadable craft instructions. 
  • Enticement: Posting photos of the shop window or POS on Instagram or Pinterest makes even more customers curious.

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Sabine Gauditz is an expert in visual marketing in the retail sector. Since 1986, she has been designing and arranging sales-promoting product presentations for various industries and redesigning the ambience of retail spaces. Together with Hans Schmidt, she founded the visual marketing consultancy, Arte Perfectum, in 2002. Since then, she has been holding seminars and workshops and offering in-house consultancy services.

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