ServicePartners for stand cleaning and waste disposal

The main objective of environmental corporate sustainability efforts is to conserve natural resources. Many companies apply this approach when producing their paper, office supply and stationery products. The measures taken range from not adding chemicals to inks and dyes through to their own reforestation projects. But what does it mean to take part in an expo in a sustainable way?

Essentially, the less waste generated at a trade fair, the more environmentally friendly the participation. Using recyclable structural elements and environmentally friendly materials and cleaning agents greatly contributes to a sustainable presence. Anyone wishing to ensure that all possible angles are covered can rely on our long-standing local ServicePartners.

The two cleaning companies at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre are assigned to the respective exhibition halls. Exhibitors in Halls 1 and 2 can turn to dias Dickmann Industrie- und Anlagenservice GmbH. With more than 35 years of experience in the business, the company attaches special importance to high-quality materials. It refuses to use any cleaning products that might harm the environment or human health – to the benefit of its staff and our planet.

Kiefer GmbH is responsible for the cleaning services in Hall 3. Founded in 1930 and based in Nuremberg, the company has enjoyed a great track record in the cleaning business for more than 85 years. Kiefer GmbH also sets great store by innovative methods for environmentally friendly hygiene and cleanliness.

Waste is unavoidable with non-reusable materials and packaging, so it is especially important that these are properly disposed of. Friedrich Hofmann Betriebsgesellschaft mbH rounds off our trio of ServicePartners in this area and makes sure that sustainability is taken into account when disposing of waste. With state-of-the-art technology and logistics designed specifically by the company with trade shows in mind, Hofmann offers a fast, cost-effective and environmentally focused response to all of your disposal questions.

Exhibitors are not charged for waste on registering for Insights-X. Therefore, participating companies must themselves remove any waste generated during setup and dismantling and the expo itself (exhibitors are not permitted to dispose of waste in the containers in the loading yards). Cleaning and waste disposal services for stands can be booked via the Online Service Center. This fast, straightforward solution means even exhibitors planning a large-scale presence at the expo can demonstrate environmental responsibility.