ServicePartners for advertising measures

Trade fairs have always been and continue to be an effective marketing tool in the field of B2B communication. When used correctly, they can help companies to recruit new potential customers, tap into sales areas and last but not least, strengthen their image. If they want to get closer to achieving such success, however, companies need to take the right measures to ensure that their entire trade fair presence comes across as attractive to visitors.

The Insights-X team offers exhibitors a number of concepts with which they can meet this requirement. Alongside the option of booking walking acts to attract attention to their products, brands and licences, exhibitors can also make the most of the chance to advertise their company on banners, floor posters or digital advertising displays in the exhibition grounds. They can also book showcases in two different sizes for the targeted promotion of specific ranges and innovations.

On top of all this, the Insights-X team additionally offers exhibitors a number of active PR services. Exhibitors can book press boxes in the Insights-X Press Center so that they can provide journalists with press information, brochures or product information in order to provide a basis for positive reports on their company in the daily and trade press. In 2017, exhibitors can also book electronic press boxes for the first time and will therefore be able to publish their press releases and image material online on the organiser’s website in the run-up to the event.

Given that classic and digital advertising are increasingly merging to become one single entity, it is important that companies also consider media entries with corresponding designs alongside advertising measures in the exhibition grounds in order to be present across different types of media. Our long-standing ServicePartner NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA GmbH helps exhibitors to achieve this aim. With more than 45 years of experience and locations all over the globe, the company guarantees smooth trade fair communication in all world languages. NEUREUTER provides exhibitors with comprehensive advice on all options and offers individually compiled expansions to the obligatory marketing package that are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of every single exhibitor. By publishing additional information on their products and contacts in the Insights-X online catalogue, companies can already provide visitors with comprehensive information before the start of the trade fair. Highlighted text and advertising opportunities in the trade fair catalogue or the app help to attract even more attention.

If they want to use professionally designed advertising measures, exhibitors can rely on the support provided by Die Roten Reiter GmbH. The services offered by the agency range from creative individual projects for an exhibitor’s trade fair presence through to complete brand campaigns. The agency, which was founded by Spielwarenmesse eG five years ago, is an independent company that boasts plenty of experience in both classic advertising and online advertising. The team also offers special expertise in the field of film production. Die Roten Reiter stands for quality and excellent content. Alongside the advertising presence of Insights-X, the agency is also responsible for the communication activities of the Spielwarenmesse® and therefore plays an important role in securing the success of both trade fairs.


In order to ensure that exhibitors do not miss any important dates or deadlines, the Insights-X team offers a special schedule for their preparations for the trade fair. Exhibitors should also be sure to take a look at the Online Service Center (OSC), where they will find detailed information on the services that they can book for their time at the trade fair.