ServicePartner for safety at the stand

Exhibitors face a raft of decisions when preparing for a trade fair. Besides working out a schedule, a good deal of thought should be given to the matter of security before and during the event as well. It makes sense to rely on our ServicePartner Engelhardt & Co. GmbH. With more than 950 employees and extensive experience, Engelhardt & Co. GmbH offers the highest standards of professionalism, competence and service, and has useful advice on safety at the stand.

Exhibitors should take on board a few pointers to ensure their products are best protected against theft at their stand. Ideally, there should always be at least one member of the exhibiting team present at the stand so that it is never left unattended. However, the precise number of team members that should remain at the stand will depend on just how big it is. This must also be taken into account when products are delivered, as already touched on in the last article on our ServicePartners. It is also worth hiring security staff to keep an eye on the stand at night. This is especially important on the night before the trade fair opens its doors, as this is when the risk of theft is highest. Insurance covering exhibits and theft should also be considered.

Besides stand security, our ServicePartner Engelhardt & Co. GmbH is also responsible for organising parking spaces. We recommend that exhibitors purchase a parking permit for the entire duration of the expo to avoid having to pay every day on arrival and thereby skip the queues. Construction activity at the Nuremberg exhibition centre during Insights-X should also be taken into account when planning arrival times each day. Parking spaces are restricted near the new Hall 3C due to ongoing construction work there. However, there will be a free shuttle bus service from all parking zones to Entrance Mitte during Insights-X.

Exhibitors can also use our Online Service Center to rent a space in the loading yard for the duration of the expo. However, this option is not available for the last day of the expo.

Please take into account that 3 October 2017 is an official holiday in Germany. This will mean a ban on trucks in Germany on one of the days on which exhibitors can set up for Insights-X (3–4 October 2017). Insights-X is offering exhibitors the option of registering free of charge for early assembly from 8 p.m. on Monday, 2 October 2017.