ServicePartner for logistics and transportation

A trade fair can be an extremely hectic time. Exhibitors in particular are always faced with a number of challenges, because a well-organised schedule is what is needed – not only for the days the exhibition is on, but also when it comes to transporting the stand and the products before and after it. Having a reliable partner at your side is definitely an advantage then.

Our ServicePartners at the exhibition grounds – the logistics service providers Kühne + Nagel International AG and Schenker Deutschland AG – offer transport management services from anywhere in Germany or the world to the exhibition grounds themselves. In line with their broad portfolio, they also take care of any necessary customs processing and collection of empty load carriers, intermediate storage and on-site handling, including delivery to the stand. Thanks to their multilingual and technically experienced staff, you can rest assured that the stand equipment is in safe hands – from the moment it’s picked up to the time it’s delivered and later returned.

In principle, exhibitors can ask any forwarding company to deliver their goods earmarked for Insights-X to the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. For safety reasons, however, only our ServicePartners may use forklift trucks needed to deliver the goods to the trade fair stand. In any event, it is recommended that the exhibitor’s forwarding company nevertheless coordinate matters with our ServicePartners on site, e.g. as regards arranging a date in advance to collect the empty carriers. The advantage of this is that the delivery dates of, for example, any rental equipment can also be best coordinated. What’s more, our ServicePartners also offer to store goods should the exhibitor be prevented from being present at the stand when they’re delivered. This means that the goods are not left unattended at the stand – so preventing theft. As soon as the exhibitor is on site, our ServicePartner delivers the goods to the stand.

When making your plans, please note that 3 October 2017 is a public holiday in Germany, which means that lorry drivers are banned from the roads that day. This day happens to be in the scheduled assembly time of Insights-X. Insights-X offers its exhibitors the chance to register for early assembly as of 8 p.m. on Monday, 2 October 2017.