Retail promotions series: How to create purchasing incentives by offering workshops

If you actually experience products live in action, then you'll be itching to try them out yourself. And anyone who is bursting with inspiration and a huge zest for action likes to go on a big shopping spree. By holding workshops, retailers can awaken their customers' creativity and, at the same time, arouse the dormant potential for making a sale or two. No matter how beautiful an attractively decorated display is - people who create beautiful things will always draw much more attention to the products they are using. If the workshop leader then invites spectators to join in, the point of sale is turned into a "point of experience" and the customers enjoy a perfect shopping experience.

Picking up on trends – handlettering workshop

What began with the colouring in trend is now being continued in people's enthusiasm for handlettering. What the two pastimes have in common is the contemplative use of pen and paper. The trend demonstrates just how much people enjoy the tactile and reflective way of being creative with colours, shapes and letters. At the same time, they counterbalance the digital and fleeting "wipe-and-go" trend. Retailers that offer a range of paper, office supplies and stationery can embrace this trend and make use of workshops and hands-on activities to inspire their customers to pick up a pen or pencil themselves.

Organising workshops

If you organise a workshop, you have to set up the planned event like every POS campaign. Read the article in Insights-X News on how to plan campaigns at the point of sale.

One special feature is that retailers who organise a handlettering workshop need someone to lead it if their sales team does not have the necessary expertise. There are various ways retailers can find a workshop leader. You can…

  • Ask manufacturers whether they offer promotional workshops in specialist shops, or whether they can put you in touch with artists or workshop leaders.
  • Find artists through exhibitions, technical literature (handlettering books), on the Internet, in blogs, or on social media.
  • Track down handlettering clues: ask business owners who use handlettering for their publicity to put them in touch with the artist they used or ask the local community college for calligraphy tutors.

The additional bonus: getting to know your customers better

What the workshop also involves for retailers is extending length of time the customers spend in the shop, giving them lots of opportunities to chat with them. Think about it – no retailer can claim that he or she is perfectly acquainted with their customers and what they really want. A relaxed workshop atmosphere can be used to start a lot of conversations that result in new customer insights that don't normally arise in one's day-to-day business.

Retail tip

Breathe life into your products and make your customers want to "do it themselves". Anyone who is bursting with inspiration and a huge zest for action likes to go on a shopping spree. With workshops and hands-on activities, you can awaken the dormant potential to make a sale.


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