Retail promotions series: Bringing some colour into the office

Lush green meadows in front of a blue mountain range or a blue sea on a bright sandy beach with green palm trees… These colourful descriptions immediately create intense images in your mind. This is because colours are an important part of our lives: they convey emotions to us – sometimes consciously, at other times subconsciously.

People can exploit this effect in their offices. An office that is completely white may seem clean and pure, but it doesn't exactly encourage creativity. A few colour accents can often work wonders in such cases. Even office supplies such as coloured folders or punches can help to create a greater sense of well-being in one's place of work.

A new colourful world of work

Right now, the world of work is reinventing itself. The flexibilisation of the workplace and working hours is going hand in hand with modern office and building concepts. However, many people will still be working in conventional offices for a long time to come. Until structural measures are also taken in such places, a bit of colour here and there can evoke a spirit of optimism for very little effort. When retailers pick up on megatrends, they show that they are involved in shaping social developments. In this way, they can provocatively support the transformation of the world of work with practical and inexpensive offers: "Drab office life instead of New Work? Bring some colour into the office!" Developments can be deliberately counteracted with a little twinkle in the eye. This enables retailers to form alliances with customers who view social developments unfavourably.

Combatting dull office routine with spring colours

But one thing applies to everyone: in spring, people yearn for fresh colours. Retailers can also transfer this desire for colour into the drab everyday office life of their customers. The shop dresser can use a desk, an office chair, a mobile filing cabinet and a low sideboard to stage the office supplies at the POS. In this case, a discreet basic colour should be deliberately combined with bright colour accents. Strong colours and signal colours arouse interest, whereby muted colours often achieve better results in the subsequent purchasing process. It is worth mixing different products in coordinated colours so as to cover customers' colour preferences as broadly as possible. Flyers regarding the effective use of colours in everyday working life, colour psychology or trend colours encourage customers to dare to be more colourful.

A colourful after-work party

Of course, the presentation of goods can also lead to a colourful event that simultaneously generates some unique content for social media channels. Whoever organises an after-work party for Gay Pride Day can simultaneously take a stand for tolerance and diversity. At the same time, rainbow flags can be hung in the shop window and in the shop itself and be combined with colourful office articles.

At the start of spring, guests and a band can be invited to a champagne reception whose theme is "colourful is my favourite colour" all dressed in bright colours. The bridge that links the event to the colourful design of one's office or home office can be the presentation of a product line or short talks on the effects of colour in the working environment.

Isn't less more?

People who are averse to brightly coloured product presentations can pique the interest of customers with the aid of monochrome displays or product presentations based on colour spectra. The Pantone Colour of the Year is suitable for this. The internationally used Pantone Matching System defines clear colour specifications for the graphics and printing industry using Pantone colour numbers. The advantage here is that dealers can present the colour with a new coat of paint and in different variations every year anew.

Retail tip


  • With practical and inexpensive offers relating to megatrends, retailers show how they help shape the social agenda.

  • Megatrends for 2020 include New Work, Ecology, the Silver Society as well as Lifelong Learning and Knowledge Culture. 

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