Practical and cool - Back to school 2024

Kindergarten and back to school products for children and teens always range somewhere between practical functionality – as specified by the school or desired by the parents – and children’s overwhelming desire to have things that display images and themes from films or boast cool designs for boys and cute designs for girls.

Only 20 more days to go!

Children often can’t wait for "the big day”. That’s why, about 100 years ago, the first Advent calendars were launched onto the market: children could cut out an image from a sheet of paper and stick them onto another sheet with 24 squares so they could count down to Christmas. In the meantime, we have no only the craziest Advent calendars, but also calendars for starting school as issued by Undercover. The foldable calendar in the shape of a pencil displays images from "Frozen". It can be used lying down or standing up. Twenty little doors filled with small items featuring images of the popular franchise shorten the time the child has to wait before the first day of school. A keyring, timetable, ruler and other items can all be integrated into the child’s school day.

Making measuring child’s play 

A ruler is something that is an obvious part of every pencil case – and useful for not just maths and geometry. Thanks to the clever design of the new 15 cm long griffix ruler from Pelikan, making lines and carrying out simple measurements will definitely be successful. Besides its conventional scale, the ruler for school starters has a colour-coded 5-step scale. A small ledge in the ruler at the 0 cm mark makes it easier to place the pencil in the right position and so to measure and draw lines correctly. An additional compass guide hole, also at the 0 cm mark, ensures that measurements are taken correctly when measuring circles. Ink edges on the underside also prevent the ink from smudging and make it easier to pick it up off the table. The ruler will be available as of March 2024.

Pencil case with 360-degree access

Oxford/Hamelin has launched a pencil case whose name says it all: “Stand-Up”. It’s a floppy kind of pencil case that can be placed on a table like a quiver as soon as it’s been zipped open. The reinforced bottom part makes it stable. The flexible upper part can also be folded down so that children can have even better access to the pens and pencils inside. An additional sewn-in compartment at the front is ideal for storing frequently used items such as erasers. On the back, there is the tried-and-trusted elastic band that can be used to attach the flat pencil case to, for example, a writing pad, when not being used. The outer material is made from recycled PET, and the Stand-Up pencil case comes in 5 colours: red, blue, orange black and light green.

Cuddly notebooks

Cuddly stationery products remain popular with children and teens. The "My Little Friend" notebooks from St. Majewski not only have a cuddly surface but also animal ears and tails, which adds to their three-dimensional character. The bookmark also has a cute fluffy ball at its end that dangles out from the bottom. The notebooks can be closed with a padlock so that they can also be used as a diary to store one’s most intimate secrets in. The A5-sized books with 96 ruled pages come in the form of a fawn, rabbit, fox, raccoon and many other cute animals, so that every child is sure to find their favourite kind of animal.

As practical as they are cute

The cheerful animal friends from Trixie accompany the toddler or pre-schooler to their kindergarten, sports field, on outings and so on. The children’s rucksacks not only have cute faces and ears or hair that stick out, but also practical large pendants on the zips for easy opening and closing. The zip pocket on the front is also ideal for storing small items. Lightweight and of a practical size, the chest strap and adjustable padded shoulder straps ensure the best possible carrying comfort. Made from 60% recycled cotton, 35% cotton and 5% viscose, the rucksack is water-repellent thanks to its acrylic coating. Besides the previous animals offered, such as the lion, dinosaur, fox and so on, Mrs. Cat, Mrs. Unicorn, Mr. Dog and Mr. Frog are now also available.

Cool and more visible

Children and teens love it when things light up and flash. The school backpacks from Kite/Vival Trading Llc. come with LED lights that light up cool patterns in different colours. The rucksacks have an ergonomic back section, 2 compartments, 2 side pockets, 2 inside pockets, a compartment for a tablet as well as a mobile phone pocket and a pocket for glasses. Made of polyester, the bag is black, so that the bright designs stand out particularly well. There are 14 litre backpacks weighing 742 g for 9-12 year olds and 19 litre versions weighing 782 g for teens aged 13 and over. Incidentally, the luminous rucksacks are not only cool to look at, but also increase the wearer’s visibility at night and in bad weather. 

About the author

Gabriela Kaiser has been the owner of the TRENDagentur since 2002, after working 6 years as designer for knitwear. She visits trade fairs as a trend scout and gives lectures there. She advises companies from industry and trade on upcoming trends and writes regularly for various trade magazines.