Postcards made of wood

There is a card for every imaginable occasion. However, when looking for a different way to share birthday wishes, invite friends and family to a wedding or simply say thank you, Woodcardz is your go-to choice. Woodcardz makes magnetic postcards made of wood which were showcased at the Newcomer zone of Insights-X 2019. We spoke with the managing director, Tarik Hajduk to find out what makes these products so unique. 

Insights-X: A postcard made of wood is not something you find everywhere. What gave you the idea to make wooden postcards? 

Tarik Hajduk: Woodcardz came about by chance really. Originally, we wanted to attach our label to our wooden furniture and thought that it looks fantastic on small cards. The idea to attach a magnet to the back of the card has a practical aspect because the cards can be stuck easily to the refrigerator or pinned to a board.

Which Woodcardz are particularly popular with your clients?

T. H.: Difficult to say. Depending on where people buy them, they like maritime-themed cards, but also love-themed cards and Woodcardz featuring ironic proverbs are very popular. Also, the demand for personalised wooden postcards is very high. We offer personalised wooden cards and that is very easy to do. Customers simply upload their preferred scene to our homepage, edit it – and the Woodcardz is done!

Sustainable products are more in demand than ever. A product made of wood is very much the trend. How do you rate sustainability generally? 

T. H.: Sustainability is very important to us. Our wood is FSC-certified, which means it was harvested from a healthy forestry. Our daily routines are also optimised for sustainable operations. For example, we work almost paperless and produce only following a customer's request to avoid having to store excessive inventory!

You exhibited at Insights-X for the first time in 2019. How did you hear of the trade fair?

T. H.: We exhibited at the Nordstil in Hamburg and were asked if we would like to showcase our products in Germany's south. Said and done! The Insights-X was very successful for us and we were able to make new contacts and win over new customers. 

Thank you for talking to us, Mr Hajduk.

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