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Pinterest = pin + interest. And this is precisely what the platform is all about: users save content by pinning all kinds of images and videos to their personal virtual pinboards according to their individual tastes and interests. 

The Pinterest target group

More than 367 million people worldwide use Pinterest. 65% of users are over 30 years of age and check Pinterest every day for inspiration, DIY guides, craft ideas and much more. With regard to the target group that can be reached there, 69% of users are female (as of 21 July 2020).

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are very different to Pinterest. On Pinterest, users can find inspiration and solutions as well as discover new ideas and content. The social aspect is less present. It is all about personal projects, own life events and searching for solutions. The images on Pinterest are particularly different: images without faces receive 23% more repins than those with faces. This means that the products and tutorials shown are more interesting than people shots to the predominantly female audience. The so-called "pins" have a half-life of 3.5 months, while Facebook posts only have a 90 minute half-life. The platform is also characterised by its high organic reach and low advertising density, while the integration of Pinterest content into Google image search results also helps increase visibility. 

Influencer marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest enables companies to do more than simply store digital content on pinboards dedicated to specific topics: the search engine generates up to 80 percent of the traffic for many bloggers. Cooperation with "Pinfluencers" specialising in the stationery sector allows companies to achieve high reach in the long run. 
Sharing content created on Pinterest is the perfect way to extend influencer collaborations. For example, content can also be placed as ads through such "Pinterest amplification influencers". These ads reach the desired groups through fine tuning of the target criteria, known as targeting options. With links, each target group is then taken to a predefined landing page.

Hasbro’s The Game of Life on Pinterest

Hasbro cooperates with influencers during peak wedding season between May and August to present The Game of Life as an ideal wedding gift. For an authentic integration, the influencers choose an individual approach – perhaps blogging about their best friend’s approaching nuptials, for example. The participating influencers skilfully present Hasbro’s The Game of Life as a creative gift idea in visually appealing and editorial articles. They illustrate the connection between the upcoming marriage and the associated decisions that lie ahead on the path of life, presenting The Game of Life as a creative gift idea. These personal approaches result in especially individual and authentic content. The posts are also collected on a Pinterest board so that the content is available for a long time, thereby increasing awareness and reach. Thanks to the influencers’ versatile DIY craft guides on personalising The Game of Life presented there, the community can easily emulate their ideas and create a fitting wedding gift.

arsEdition – gifts for book lovers on Pinterest

The campaign focuses on the joy of reading. Individually selected influencers write editorial blog posts about their passion for books and reading. In doing so, they choose a personal approach and describe their own experiences with the joy of reading. For example, they might present their favourite book at the moment or a list of books that they are still dying to read.

The blog posts are intended to remind communities of the pleasure of a good read and motivate readers to make time to pick up a book again. The campaign has also been expanded via the Pinterest platform, with content being created with influencers on related themed Pinterest boards. This increases the reach of the blog posts, and the content is retrievable for a long time using the Pinterest search function.

About the author:

Heide Herbst has been working at blogfoster since 2018 as an influencer marketing expert. Her long-standing experience in designing digital advertising strategies for a variety of clients at companies like Axel Springer Media Impact and Gameloft allows her and her team to advise and evolve advertising clients from a large variety of sectors. At blogfoster, she focuses on books, toys, and fast-moving consumer goods as well as workshops, webinars and presentations on influencer marketing.

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