Pimp it up – one-offs are bang on trend

In times of online configurators for cars, shoes, clothing and the like, a custom-made article is no longer a rarity. Exciting pattern mixes and your own name on the product? A piece of cake! Nevertheless, there are often limits to the design possibilities. This is not the case with the products that you can try out at length in the Atelier in InsightsArena during the hands-on activities.

One-off articles express their own style, while also standing out from mass-produced items. And they also enhance the appearance of the original product. Perhaps the right technique applied to an unloved item will soon make it a well-loved piece?

Embellishing instead of discarding

Whether it's a matter of a pair of simple white trainers, a boring notebook with squared lines or a plain cushion, they all serve their purpose, but might no longer fit in with the current trend. However, they're much too good to be simply discarded. Upcycling has long since found a firm fan base and is counteracting the trend towards disposable goods. Upcycling products that don't fit in with current fashion gives them new life. But upcycling has another exciting advantage: getting away from other people and escaping everyday life once in a while. When we are creative, we forget the world around us and are totally absorbed in what we're doing – a great way to maintain a work/life balance. Many manufacturers have already recognised this potential and have developed products that support creativity further. We can now buy colourful pencils that can be used to beautify and individualise objects. There's no surface that can't be decorated and our ideas are now given free rein.

Creative products in the retail sector

It is therefore obvious that you should organise "Pimp it up/upcycling" activities in your shop. This way, you give your customers new ideas and show that, when it comes to decorating objects, creativity is second nature. Of course, it makes sense to use products that you have in your product range so customers can buy them straightaway. You will also find inspiration in the InsightsArena: the Atelier invites you to get involved with hands-on activities free of charge. For example, edding has a gloss paint marker that is suitable for any surface. Test the pastel shades in the Atelier during the "Start where others stop – design surfaces with edding gloss paint markers" session. The exhibitor Sharpie will also show you how you can turn products into eye-catchers. The colourful selection of pens sets no limits and can be experienced in the "UnCap Your Possibilities – with Sharpie" hands-on session. 

Simply take part in the activities of our exhibitors and keep a watchful eye out while going round the expo. There's a lot to discover that you can use for your own activities and events.

Join-in activities at Insights-X


Even if you don't wish to commit yourself to an activity time-wise, just drop into the InsightsArena studio whenever you feel like it. Every day, there will be free hands-on activities where you can test products and pick up some ideas as to how you can present them in your own shop. It's also worth taking a look at the event calendar, which lists all our exhibitors' events.

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