Perfect expo visitor marketing

Planning your customer invitations is all part of prepping for an expo. After all, getting the right buyers and retailers to the expo and your stand is crucial to the success of your participation. In our approx. 10-minute tutorial, Insights-X exhibitors can learn how to effectively plan and implement their customer invitations. The Visitor Marketing tutorial has been developed in cooperation with expo service provider MEPLAN GmbH and contains many valuable tips for newbies as well as experienced exhibitors.

Use visitor marketing to achieve expo success

Expo organisers do invite trade visitors to their event. But exhibitors must also ensure that the retail decision-makers relevant to them visit their stand. That is why it is worth making visitor marketing a key focus when preparing for an expo. This includes customer invitations and other marketing activities in the run-up to the expo as well as advertising measures at the exhibition centre itself. There, at the latest, exhibitors should guide to their stand any visitors of relevance to them that they have not previously managed to reach. 

Inviting customers prior to the expo

Engaged companies let customers know about their participation in an expo with a “save the date” message long before the event itself. Personal invitations, preferably sent in several stages with a reminder letter, then follow. Exhibitors use all of their communication channels, such as websites and social media, to advertise their presence at an expo. Day-to-day communications are also useful, as stand information can be provided by means of an online banner in the e-mail signature or an on-hold message when customers are waiting to have their call answered. Furthermore, exhibitors get the word out about their expo participation through press releases and advertisements in trade journals. Their entire invitation campaign is tailored precisely to their target groups. That is why it is important to define your target groups in advance in all of their facets and to meticulously prepare the contact details. Quality trumps quantity in this regard. 

The perfect invitation

Invitations must make customers so curious about how exhibitors will showcase themselves at the expo that they won’t want to miss out. Exhibitors can also achieve this effect by setting out the benefits for the customer of visiting their stand. Both play a part in the expo message presented to the visitor: “we have what you are looking for”, as Tutorial 1 on strategic fair planning explains in detail. If the expo concept offers further incentives for customers, the invitation must also outline the basics of these. Finally, the perfect invitation contains a response form with which to request a meeting as well as the contact details of a personal point of contact. 

Visitor marketing during the expo

A company will only know all of the invited visitors at its own in-house expos. At every other expo, there will also be many visitors it has never met before. These potential customers might end up placing big orders in the future. Exhibitors can reach this target group with marketing activities at the exhibition centre that are intended to guide them to their stand. They might use advertising space for this, allow retailers to try out their innovations through hands-on activities in the InsightsArena or get a secondary placement for their products in the new #Inspiration special area. Visitors will often be tempted to pause and linger when they come across a stand offering activities. Mobile forms of advertising can also help a company: walking acts and eye-catching giveaways arouse curiosity, while handing out carrier bags and wheeled cases can literally turn visitors into advertising vehicles for exhibitors. The tutorial demonstrates to exhibitors the many ways in which they can get their company logo, expo message and stand information noticed by visitors.

Manufacturers and suppliers of paper, office supplies and stationery are looking forward to the many trade visitors due at Insights-X from 9 to 12 October 2019. But it is not enough to simply sit and wait for them. Find out how you can use your customer invitations to attract crowds of visitors to your stand. 

Tutorial: Visitor Marketing

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