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Most schoolchildren continue to take notes by hand. Research has shown that the motor and cognitive process of writing by hand helps children to better remember what they have written. For adults, on the other hand, writing by hand has regained importance by choice. It is now being celebrated as a counterbalance to all the typing they do all day long. Conventional writing instruments are thus coming back into focus, although the wishes and needs of customers are diverse.

For a smart start


Starting school is an important milestone in the lives of all children and learning how to write is an essential motor skill that has to be learned. With the 4-step griffix learning-to-write system from Pelikan, the process receives targeted support right from the start. The ergonomic design of the writing utensils helps children to hold them correctly to ensure relaxed and fatigue-free writing in every learning phase. The wax crayon playfully prepares children for school, then the griffix pencil helps children to precisely form their first letters. With the level 3 ink pen and – in the final step – the fountain pen, writing fluently then becomes child’s play. The ergonomic griffix family will be even more colourful in 2022 when four new trendy colour combinations will be launched. And the writing implements will also be more sustainable as they will come in FSC-certified cardboard packaging without plastic.

Protection against bacteria and viruses


Before the pandemic, hardly anyone thought about the fact that a pen should perhaps be disinfected before use if someone else had it in their hands before. But since our world has always been subject to change, ONLINE Schreibgeräte now offers "", a collection with an antimicrobial surface to protect users against bacteria and, in some cases, viruses. A long-lasting effect is guaranteed because the silver ions are integrated into the material. Pencil cases, fountain pens, ink pens, ballpoint pens, dual marker pens, notebooks and more feature a durable and abrasion-resistant material that permanently curbs the proliferation of bacteria and in some cases viruses. The materials have been dermatologically tested for skin compatibility.

Made from Upcycled Wood


It’s not only safety awareness that is increasing; for more and more end customers, sustainable production is also a decisive factor when making a purchase. Staedtler’s new "Made from Upcycled Wood" label now makes it clear on every (coloured) pencil if it was made from wood waste from the timber industry. Even the smallest scraps of wood can be upcycled into high-quality pencils through the innovative manufacturing process. In addition, the special resource-saving production makes the pencils particularly break-resistant and prevents the wood from splintering. A special soft surface ensures that they are slip-resistant, which is especially important for children. On top of that, the packaging is made of 80% recycled material and can be recycled again.

Fine marbling on wood


Also made of wood but a lot more elegant is the Marble collection from e+m Holzprodukte. On the occasion of the company’s 120th anniversary, sample books and archives were sifted through and the art of marbling on wooden surfaces revived. Thus, an exclusive collection of writing instruments features gold-yellow-green marbling on the barrel, with the wooden surface shining through. The highlight is the "Contract Marble" fountain pen, and twist-action ballpoint pens are also available. High-quality metal elements and product details such as the fine brake on the cap to prevent the pen from rolling round off the sophisticated design. The special fountain pen comes in a high-quality wooden case that can also be used as a little storage space on your desk. A second colour variant is also available: mocha with vintage-look metal parts.

For flexible beautiful writing


It’s not only the writing utensils that like to show their beautiful side, but the words and texts themselves have also been presenting themselves in an artistic look for years thanks to the art of hand lettering. This has paved the way for classic calligraphy, which is now making a comeback. With its "Sport Calligraphy Set" in fresh mint, Kaweco provides four calligraphy nibs so you can choose between different line widths for beautiful writing. The set consists of a Sport fountain pen with a 1.1 millimetre nib, three interchangeable grip sections with 1.5 millimetre, 1.9 millimetre and 2.3 millimetre nibs, three protective caps and two 6-pack boxes of Pearl Black ink cartridges. The fountain pen comes in a handy portable size of just 10.5 centimetres when closed and extends to a normal size of 13 centimetres with the cap in place.


Parents want to give their children a good start with the skill of writing by hand. They also wish to leave them an environmentally friendly, safe world and, at the same time, treat themselves to some relaxed, beautiful writing with aesthetically pleasing writing utensils. Writing means so much more than just dragging a pen across a piece of paper.

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