New product range ideas for stationery retailers at the Spielwarenmesse

How do I build customer loyalty? How can I stand out as a stationery retailer for my customers? One way to retain customers is to carry a unique range of products rather than a standard offering. This requires that you stay alert and strike out in new directions. One path leads to the Spielwarenmesse® in Nuremberg. After all, fun ideas beyond our conventional horizons are just what we need to break free from entrenched mindsets, think laterally and come to new realisations. The Spielwarenmesse® invites you on a tour of discovery from 30 January to 3 February 2019.

Supplementary product ranges for stationery retailers

Inspire your customers with gift ideas. 

Customers with an interest in stationery and greeting cards are also open to gifts and impulse buys from the lifestyle area. After all, greeting cards are usually sent to mark some occasion. Customers can be easily tempted to add small original gifts on show. 

Get your customers in a party mood. 

There is always a reason to celebrate. Creative decorations and party items are more likely to have an impact on customers in the mood to have fun and end up in their shopping basket if they are presented together by theme. The Showtime activity area in Hall 8 will present product lines in this vein at the Spielwarenmesse® 2019. 

Back to school – add a playful note to the serious things in life.

Talk of school and many things come to mind – maybe presents on the very first day, a back to school bash or humdrum student life. What’s certain is that if you’re happy going to school, then you’re more likely to learn. Products with a fun factor help with this, such as: educational gameschildren’s books and craft play sets and, of course, snazzy school supplies and creative products. Include consumables in your range and give customers a good reason to keep coming back. 

Add momentum to your business with retail knowledge and practical tips

Retailers are most likely to delight their customers when they are bursting with ideas of their own. The Toy Business Forum provides impetus for this in Hall 3A. This is where experts inspire fresh thoughts in their audience and provide lots of tools for taking retail concepts further. 

Licensed products and merchandising are big sellers, but can sometimes sit gathering dust as well. In any event, they have a very individual dynamic. The License Talks provide an insight into how this particular market works. Licensing specialists will present from 10:30 to 11:30 am, Wednesday to Friday, also at the Toy Business Forum. 

Insights-X stand at the Spielwarenmesse

After checking out the many inspiring products and ideas, why not drop by the Insights-X stand being hosted at the Spielwarenmesse®? There will be much scribbling going on there and you can even have your portrait drawn by hand. While there, get any information you need on your 2019 stationery expo directly from the Insights-X team. The Insights-X stand at the Spielwarenmesse® will be located at Entrance Mitte A-04.

Tap into new inspiration at the Spielwarenmesse 2019

Visit the Spielwarenmesse® at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from 30 January to 3 February 2019. Discover innovative product ranges and blaze new and successful trails!

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