National Handwriting Day on 23 January 2023

National Handwriting Day – Writing for Peace

From school onwards at the latest, it is something that accompanies us day after day throughout our entire lives: our handwriting. National Handwriting Day will take place on 23 January 2023. Being able to write is a privilege. To be able to write anything is freedom. And the prerequisite for this is peace. That‘s why Initiative Schreiben, an association with the objective of promoting writing competence, is dedicating its competition to peace this time – so that all those who live in peace and have access to pens and paper at all times become aware of this privilege.


Information on National Handwriting Day

Initiative Schreiben organises a writing competition every year on National Handwriting Day. The association invites people to try out writing by hand and find new joy in doing so. Everyone who wants to take part has to write and draw on an A5 sheet of paper. The deadline for entries is 23 January 2023, as per the postmark.

Where handwriting and peace meet

The idea is to show in words and symbols the meaning of peace for us humans. Submissions can show symbols of peace and the entrant‘s own interpretation of what peace actually is. Initiative Schreiben wants to encourage people to write down and reveal their hopes, wishes and needs through this project. A jury will select the most beautiful submissions, and all the published authors will receive a booklet full of inspiration. In addition, members of the paper, office supplies and stationery industry will provide material prizes for the three winners.


Handwriting opens up the world

This is about nothing less than handwriting as a cultural asset. After all, children first discover the world when they learn to write by hand in school. Later, they shape the world through their writing – because writing gives both young and old alike an undreamt-of variety of expression. Some people make writing their profession and share their own opinions with the entire world.


"Handwriting is the past and future –

it is a timeless source of spiritual energy."

Initiative Schreiben e. V.

Peace allows room for development

However, there is also a downside to all this. Many people would very much like to write their thoughts down on a piece of paper, but can’t. Due to wars, restricted freedom of speech or lack of resources, it isn’t possible to do that everywhere in the world. Whether it’s a matter of children who want to draw and write, or adolescents and adults who want to inspire others with their opinions and find like-minded people to propel the world forward. All of this isn’t possible in places where there is no peace. That is why peace is a key condition for being creative and unconfined. Handwriting is a precious commodity. It can have positive effects on one’s own life as well as on the lives of others, and not only on January 23, 2023, it can point the way to peace.


Tips for retailers: Let your customers write for peace

Bring the joy of writing into your shop on National Handwriting Day:

  • Post the campaign on social media or on your blog in advance of National Handwriting Day.
  • Invite your customers to write: set up a table, a socalled "creativity island", in your shop with paper and calligraphy pens on it so customers can try their hand.
  • Invite customers to put up their wishes for peace or messages on a large bulletin board.
  • Start a "peace exchange": everyone who creates or brings a greeting of peace is allowed to take a message of peace with them.


National Day of Handwriting on 23 January 2023


Information from Initiative Schreiben about the National Handwriting Day competition with a deadline of 23 January 2023 (date of postmark).

To the website of Initiative Schreiben e. V.

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