Meet our Partners: Writing Instruments Manufacturer’s Organisation (WIMO)

As international trade fair for paper, office supplies and stationery we also have international cooperation partners like the Indian Writing Instruments Manufacturer’s Organisation (WIMO). WIMO was incorporated on 15 November 1995 with the core role of promoting manufacturing and the industry on a global platform, thus not interacting with retailers directly. To find out more advantages of WIMO we interviewed Mr.  Rajesh Khubilal Rathod. He is the Executive Director of Flair Writing Industries Ltd. Mr.  Rajesh Khubilal Rathod has over 25 years of experience in the writing instruments industry and heads the international sales and marketing division of the company.

What are the advantages of being a member of WIMO? What makes your association unique? 

Rajesh Khubilal Rathod: WIMO’s main objective is to promote and safeguard the interests of India’s writing instruments industry. Every member of WIMO is extremely important and we as a team work together for the industry’s growth. Apart from providing a platform for discussions & recommendations, the organisation is keeping up to date on the current global scenario and circulating industry related information to members. We also provide support and take forward petitions on a governmental level, for settling any sort of disputes, be it internal or external. As a whole, WIMO is an eternal support in every aspect for the members and the writing instrument industry in India. 

I love stationery! Does that also apply to you? How do you express your love for the stationery industry? 

R. K. R.: Yes I Love Stationery. Currently with the new trends coming in this category we have consciously decided to venture in this segment as today India is one of the major exporters of decorative papers and stationery items. Looking into the market potential we are trying to promote all members to explore the different avenues, thus increase their market share and introduce new products under that range.

Why do you recommend that your members visit Insights-X?

R. K. R.: We feel that Insights-X has lots of potential. The fair has a relaxed atmosphere with quite a good number of diverse exhibitors from around the world. Also, the timing of the fair is perfect for visitors and exhibitors from a business point of view.

Rajesh Khubilal Rathod, thank you very much for talking to us

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