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Insights-X was created at the request of the stationery industry. The further development of the expo for paper, office supplies and stationery products is therefore closely linked to the sector's associations, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. Today, in an interview with Holger May, its Managing Director, we would like to present to you GOLDKRONE Lederwaren-Handelsgesellschaft mbH.

GOLDKRONE Lederwaren-Handelsgesellschaft mbH is the trade cooperative for retailers of leather goods & accessories in Germany and Europe. Holger May has been the Managing Director of GOLDKRONE, where he is responsible for specialist retailers, sales and marketing as well as finance, since 2013. The graduate in business administration and political scientist recommends that classic leather goods retailers attend Insights-X to give themselves a rewarding look outside the box that's accompanied by a wealth of inspiration. He himself is enthusiastic about all products that focus on penmanship.

What opportunities and risks do you see with regard to digitalisation?

Holger May: GOLDKRONE members cover the entire spectrum of the various forms of trade, from a purely bricks-and-mortar shop which is the top dog in a prime city-centre location to a specialist online retailer of luggage or satchels. We see that digitalisation is exerting pressure on traditional business models. But an increasing number of our members know how to combine the best of both worlds and are able to actively exploit new opportunities. We believe that the retailer community in the industry will become even more diverse.

What advantages do retailers have when they become a member of Goldkrone? What's special about your trade cooperative?

H.M.: Our members have financial benefits on account of our centralised settlement system, reimbursements and special purchasing terms. On the other hand, our trade fair activities, our marketing support and ongoing communication give us the chance to enjoy an intensive exchange of views within the industry and for the benefit of our members' customers.

I love stationery! Does that also apply to you? How is your love for the stationery industry reflected in your life?

H.M.: Personally, I'm a great friend of penmanship, even though my own handwriting might not be readily legible for everyone. That means that, besides the electronic aids, high-quality calendars and notebooks as well as writing utensils play a big role in my work. If they are also individualised, then that's even better.

Mr May, thank you very much for talking to us.

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