Meet our Partners: Association For Creative Industries UK (AFCI.UK)

As the largest global association for the creative, craft and hobby industry, the Association For Creative Industries UK (AFCI.UK) is the perfect Insights-X cooperation partner. We interviewed Executive Director Craig De Souza to learn more about the British trade association AFCI.UK. Craig De Souza has over 17 years of industry knowledge, giving him a wide and deep connection with and knowledge of the creative, craft and hobby industry. This allows him to help people and companies at all levels of the industry to increase their business throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

What are the advantages of being a member of AFCI? What makes your association unique?

Craig De Souza: AFCI.UK is committed to solidifying the creative, craft and hobby industry. This is a vibrant, inspirational and innovative community that is enriching people’s lives through crafting and creative activities. 
The association and I provide high-value services, connections, support and advice to all members so that they can be more successful in their chosen fields. We look to achieve continuous improvement, to evolve and respond to an ever-changing market landscape. Our members learn, connect and discover to better their businesses and achieve their goals.
What role does environmental sustainability play for retailers?

C. D. S.: Everyone is aware of their carbon footprint and is trying hard to reduce this. It is vital that we all look at this NOW. But, in reality, the costs involved are currently tough to manage. So, my fear is that right now business want to do this but just cannot do so successfully. 

What tips do you have for retailers that are easy to implement, but would have a big impact on their business?

C. D. S.: Source NEW – whether new products, new contacts or new information, retailers should go to events to increase their knowledge – not everything is on the Internet. If retailers have the opportunity to attend events, they should do, because it is a vital part of their business growth. For example, Insights-X is a valuable source of leading brands, products and information that are accessible for most retailers. This is an untapped event, so it gives retailers an opportunity to see things others will not!

Craig De Souza, thank you very much for talking to us.

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