Luxor Group: A Pioneer in Writing Instruments Manufacturing

Luxor is a trendsetter and leader in the writing and colouring instrument industry in India. An obsessive focus on quality, design and suitability ensures that every consumer gets maximum writing comfort and marking performance. The wide range of products caters to a variety of needs for students, working professionals and artists. In an interview with Managing Director Pooja Jain Gupta, we can find out more interesting information about the pioneer in writing instruments in India. 

Luxor is the market leader in the Indian stationery sector. What makes Luxor so successful? 

Pooja Jain Gupta: Luxor is the market leader in the Indian stationery sector and this market leadership position is based on several product categories which are unique to Luxor, such as the combination sets/retail value packs which are very useful for home needs, small office needs and even for gifting, the activity sets for kids that combine colouring with learning, metal pens at an affordable price for everyday gifting and high quality office supplies like notebooks, dual whiteboard markers, etc.

What trends is the stationery sector expecting to see in India in the coming year?

P. J. G.: Stationery is becoming a lifestyle product, so stationery products are getting more design-oriented and style-conscious. One of the major drivers in marketing growth is product innovation and technology integration. Leading players in this sector have started to promote flagship products and programs on social media.  

Digitisation is becoming increasingly important. To what extent is digitisation influencing the stationery sector?

P. J. G.: The digital transformation is influencing the stationery sector only conditionally. However, for the stationery sector, bridging the gap between analogue and digital means finding success with the younger population. The business is therefore growing only slowly and steadily. 

Luxor is placing a focus on sustainability with their Eco-Write product range. What role does environmental protection currently play for the company?

P. J. G.: Luxor is focusing on the Eco-Write product range by using sustainable materials that have a minimal or sometimes even a positive impact on the environment from resource extraction over the product to disposal. 

But we also have some factory sustainability initiatives. Firstly, we rely on green energy. So, Luxor has initiated the process to produce green energy which will be used for our manufacturing facilities, and thus will contribute to a sustainable environment. Secondly, we built a kaizen team with the objective to reduce process waste which will contribute to production efficiency and sustainability. And lastly, we use rainwater, which during monsoons would otherwise simply drain away. Luxor stores 0.1 million gallons of rainwater which is collected in reservoirs. The harvested rainwater is used for gardening, flushing and fire tanks.

Why have you decided to exhibit at Insights-X?

P. J. G.:  We decided to exhibit at insights-X to create brand value and general awareness for “Luxor”. In addition, we can cost effectively and easily reach customers from the target markets Europe and Middle East. And of course, we are approaching a new audience, having face-to-face interactions, building relationships, creating new markets and concluding direct sales. 

Pooja Jain Gupta, thank you for the interview.

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