Let your customers know directly what’s new in your business – create your own newsletter

How perfect would it be if you could inform your customers in advance about the arrival of new goods or a change to your range? Imagine being able to tell your customers about additional products or potential applications without them having to first drop by your store. And what if you could offer your especially loyal customers a reduced price on certain goods?

This doesn’t have to be a thought experiment – these scenarios can easily become a reality with your own newsletter. You can then ensure that your customers receive your news directly in their inbox on their PC or smartphone. No channel can be managed as specifically as a newsletter, as people check e-mails addressed to them regularly. Stay in contact and increase your sales.

The first steps

First find the right tool for sending your newsletter. Charging models vary, and may depend on the number of stored e-mail addresses or dispatch volume. Otherwise, there may be a fixed monthly fee. There is no one-size-fits-all recommendation here, as your individual situation will have a big impact on your choice. You can use the countless comparison tests of the various cost-effective tools already available online to satisfy yourself that they meet important legal requirements and to weigh up the pros and cons for you. 

Once you’ve picked your tool, you need to sign up your first subscribers. Start by making your regular customers aware of your newsletter. On everything from your customer stoppers and till receipts through to your display window stickers, include a reference to your newsletter on all materials. Offline measures can help you to grow online. Promote your new communications channel on your website and social media as well. Once your distribution list has reached a certain size, you can then create practical links and synergies between the various online channels. Direct your newsletter subscribers to web posts that feature helpful tips or highlight your social media events.

Offer interesting content

You know that subscribers are very interested in your offerings because they have actively signed up for your newsletter. Accordingly, it is important to send this target group content that meets their expectations and delivers added value. What that may be depends greatly on you and your business, but some options include

  • Exclusive special offers for newsletter subscribers
  • Advance information on the availability of new products
  • Tips on how to use the current range
  • Invites to participate in (digital) workshops
  • Trends in the stationery and DIY sectors

Nobody knows your customers better than you through your business. Make the most of this decisive advantage and use what you have learned from discussions with customers or frequently asked questions to choose the topics covered in the newsletter. 

Search for the right images to go with those topics. Use photos you have taken yourself or images from online databases to add more emotion to the texts. Images with vibrant colours are particularly eye-catching to readers and will encourage them to spend longer browsing the newsletter.

Send – analyse – improve

You’ve sent your newsletter. Should you now sit back and put your feet up? We think not!
The show must go on, as a newsletter is a project that can be continuously worked on and improved. Most newsletter tools offer various analysis options for this, showing how many subscribers received the newsletter, opened it and then clicked on any links inside. Take a look at the key metrics so that you can continuously improve the topics and images selected and how texts are worded.

As the saying goes: the first step is always the hardest. But starting your own newsletter project off on the right foot can have a major impact on your business success. Increase your visibility with your customers and get your news directly to them.

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