InsightsTalks with Licensing International: trends in the licensing business

Licensed stationery generated sales of USD 8 billion in the global retail sector in 2019, while sales in the licensing business as a whole amounted to USD 292 billion worldwide. Trends, driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, are changing the sale of licensed products. These developments hold important insights for retailers and manufacturers into how they might expand their business.

Marty Brochstein, Senior Vice President of Licensing International, and his colleague Peter Hollo, Managing Director of Licensing International, cover the following topics in their InsightsTalks presentation:

  • Overview of the global licensing market 
  • Trends and changes in the licensing business
  • Effects on the sale of licensed products today
  • Look ahead to future developments in the licensing market

You were unable to attend all lectures during the online live event? Or you would like to listen to a lecture again? here you will find the recordings in full length. 

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