InsightsTalks with Caroline Zöller: Visual communication in the digital age

Join the journey to retail concepts and digital applications that inspire customers. It’s about installations serving the need for information, enabling an infinite variety of goods or offering the best service quality. Looking at these concepts, it becomes clear that a screen alone is not enough. Find out what works in terms of digitalisation, what is better to do without and what is coming.

In the InsightsTalks lecture, Caroline Zöller vividly explains how digital concepts inspire trade and sales and what is important in the digitalisation of retail. The founder of the communication agency Forteam takes up many best practice examples from her retail tours through Europe. 

  • Emotionalisation
  • Product presentation 
  • Customer Convenience
  • Interaction 
  • Experience

You were unable to attend all lectures during the online live event? Or you would like to listen to a lecture again? here you will find the recordings in full length.

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