Insights-X 2023: I was there! Part 2

Everyone who wants to track down trends in stationery, office, bags and more travels to Insights-X. But what is the motivation behind it? Where do the people who come to the industry get-together in Nuremberg come from and what moves them?

Peter Budig captured the stories of the trade fair participants for you. At the same time, the visitor portraits show the different aspects that the internationally active business people pursue at the trade fair.


Reggie Jonaitis, entrepreneur from Dallas


Reggie Jonaitis from Dallas/Texas has worked in sales for various "megabrands" for a long time. About ten years ago, he developed the idea of becoming self-employed. In the meantime, he is successful with his company Vaso Group as a "brand agency" and about 20 employees. The Vaso Group mediates between the manufacturers and the customer, the sale runs almost exclusively via Amazon the purchase directly through the manufacturers.

"Our business runs under the radar, so to speak, we support well-known manufacturers in online sales and develop strategies. We operate internationally. This trade show is ideal for me, internationally positioned, yet manageable and everything is here in one place."


Dilek Mert, Purchasing Manager from Hof


Dilek Mert comes from Hof and lives in Nuremberg. The trained businesswoman with a focus on information technology has been working in purchasing at da vinci, a market leader for brushes, with high quality standards for several years. Recently, she has been designated purchasing manager and was already on the road at Insights-X - where her company also had a booth - with this in mind:

"My focus when observing products and suppliers is clearly on the topic of "sustainability". Our customers pay a lot of attention to the use of recycled materials. This applies, for example, to the displays with which our goods are presented; they are no longer made of acrylic but nowadays mainly of cartonage. Down-to-earthness and sustainability are in vogue."


Djurdja Malešević and Gordana from Belgrade


Djurdja Malešević has come from Belgrade with her colleague Gordana. She works for Vulkan, an online bookstore with branches in several major Serbian cities. 

"I come to Insights-X every year. Our focus, besides stationery, is on nice paper products, i.e. notebooks, address books, diaries. And we look for "contacts for contracts," so we maintain connections with known contacts and meet new ones."



Roland Frommhold, authorized signatory from Berlin


Conipa is a large retailer of office supplies with its own customer service and about 30 employees from Brandenburg, the head office is in Berlin, a branch in Schwedt. As Conipa's authorized representative, Roland Frommhold is also a buyer. 

"There are several aspects that make me visit Insights-X regularly: Firstly, purely informative, what innovations there are, how they are presented, etc. And then I can keep customer appointments here in a concentrated manner."



Julia Oswald from Szeged/Southern Hungary


Julia Oswald grew up bilingual, her father is German, her mother Hungarian. After several jobs in Germany, she now lives in Szeged/Southern Hungary. Her employer Belmil manufactures school bags and backpacks (place of production: Serbia) and sells them mainly through their online store.

"Of course, I took a look at the large selection of bags and backpacks at Insights-X. But mostly I'm here to scope out the trade show. We are considering exhibiting here next year. So far, I like it very much!"



Adele Pavluskova, designer for Karton P+P


Adele Pavluskova works as a designer of backpacks for the company Karton P+P. The company was founded in 1996 in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, as a manufacturer of school and office supplies for archival needs, and is now the number one manufacturer of school supplies on the Czech and Slovak markets. 

"My focus is exclusively on observing designs and trends in the "backpack" sector. In this area, Insights-X is very well positioned."




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