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To call your visit to Insights-X in Nuremberg a success, it has to include another highlight: The fair city Nuremberg and its historical old town are worth a trip at any time of day or night.

Discover Nuremberg by food

When asked what Nuremberg tastes like, one can only recommend taking a stroll through town. Nuremberg’s restaurants and their menus take you on a trip around the world. If you feel like eating regional cuisine in a traditional Franconian “Wirtshaus” go for the “Schäufele” – a delicious shoulder of pork (for example at Steichele). If you like it experimental and sophisticated, head over to Einzimmer Küche Bar, where you can get things like regional beef with strawberries. Nuremberg’s oldest starred restaurant Essigbrätlein is dedicated to regional flavours and stands out by offering unique food such as lamb with turnips, giving a frowned upon vegetable a new and fascinating twist. Experiencing culinary diversity in the fair city is also possible without reservations all around Nuremberg’s old town.

Nuremberg beer and more

No matter if you eat in the fair city or not, drinking a regional Nuremberg beer is a must. In the district under the castle you can visit the Nürnberger Altstadthof (Nuremberg old town courtyard), a small home brewery and whisky distillery. There you can get the former imperial city’s typical Nuremberg Rotbier (red beer), which is brewed to its coppery red colour exclusively with barley malt. Situated a mere stone’s throw away is the Wirtshaus Hütt’n, a local pub offering a wide variety of regional and special beers.
Take a minute to relax and enjoy an espresso at the cozy Coffee Nest, situated near Germany’s largest cinema complex CineCitta. A couple of metres away, located in the former Gewerbemuseum, is the Bar Nürnberg, one of the most delightful places to enjoy fine drinks, no matter whether you plan on venturing out into Nuremberg’s nightlife or letting the evening fade away in style.

Innovation of tomorrow

If you plan on having a couple of hours off during the day, you should take a trip to the innovation lab Josephs . The establishment, started by the Fraunhofer Society and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, is now continued independently. The concept is still the same, the establishment acts as a testing grounds and lecture plenary for new ideas, prototypes and innovations.

Contemporary museum detours

A few steps further along, inside of the old city wall tower is the turmdersinne, a hands-on experience museum featuring exhibits that transport you into the world of perception and the senses. Nuremberg boasts many other museums, including the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, the largest cultural-historic museum in the German-speaking area of Europe. It features the special show „Adventures in Research“ – an exhibition all about research methods and art technology. It’s also worth taking a look at the impressive façade of the Neues Museum für Kunst und Design (New Museum for Art and Design) by the architect Volker Staab. The museum itself features paintings, sculptures, photography, video art and installations from after 1950.

The museum Alte Mine Faber-Castell in the city Stein, near Nuremberg, shows interesting insights into the lead production for writing utensils. Early industry history is shown here in former production rooms, giving a look into many of the original machines. They illustrate the history of the Nuremberg-based companies that shaped the stationery world of today, just like Staedtler and Schwan-Stabilo.

The Museum der Industriekultur (Museum for Industrial Culture) gives an insight into the pencil production in and around Nuremberg. The exhibition 80 Jahre Haitzinger. Karikaturen für die Tagespresse (80 years of Haitzinger, Caricatures for the Daily Press) shows how an artist can put a smile on the face of world history with only a pencil, ink and brush. Political cartoonist Horst Haitzinger, now turning 80 years old, has been making people smile in the morning by creating around 15,000 caricatures for several newspapers, including the Nürnberger Nachrichten.

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