Innovations and trends in Writing Utensils and Equipment

From revamps of classic writing utensils through to technical innovations, 2019 promises a whole host of new writing implements. Visitors to Insights-X in Nuremberg from 4–6 October 2018 found current and future collections for office, school and hobby use. A selection of interesting products from the 2018 stationery expo are included in the first instalment of our six-part innovation report.

New material for journaling enthusiasts

The new range of Textliner Pastels is perfect for people who enjoy current trends such as bullet journals and hand lettering or who need the right marker to highlight important events in the diary. Faber-Castell has extended the line to include the three delicate shades pale blue, pale green and vanilla. Their long-lasting wedge tips come in three different line widths. The company also presents the new Grip FineWriter. This metal-clad fibre tip pen guarantees a soft flow when writing. 

The Vision calligraphy set featured in the James Rizzi special edition from ONLINE Schreibgeräte is the ideal gift for people who love creative handwriting. It contains not only a fountain pen with a 1.4mm aluminium nib but also a 0.8mm and a 1.8mm grip part, a converter and two ink pots. The James Rizzi Cover on the packaging lends the luxury set a funky vibe. 

Be it for school kids, students or hobbyists, STAEDTLER’s triplus range which is being extended to include two new products, has the right tool for every task. With its thin, metal-encased tip, the triplus permanent is particularly suited for delicate designs on almost any surface. The triplus permanent will be available in a total of ten different colours from February 2019. Another new addition is the triplus Gel which comes in 20 different colours. These gel pens are equipped with Airplane-Safe Technology, which prevents them from leaking when opened on a plane. Innovations are likewise being added to the company’s other product categories. From mid-2019, the triplus ball will be available in ten additional colours and in the new line width F. Similarly, the triplus textsurfer will appear in ten new pastel and vintage colours. The triplus fineliner range is welcoming twelve new colours, bringing the overall total to 60. Moreover, STAEDTLER is continuing to expand its MY COLOURS series, featuring the new themed sets “Llama”, “Botanical” and “Watermelon”. 

Pencils – timeless classics in a new guise

The Black Lead Pencils from Pajory are perfect for scribbling down ideas or creating a quick sketch. The hexagonal pencils are made from certified wood and with break-resistant super-bonded graphite lead, which is available in hardnesses from 2B to 2H. 

Bringing a touch of sparkle to the daily grind, the Sparkle Pencils from Faber-Castell are designed with a glitter cap with an eye-catching pearl varnish. Equipped with break-resistant lead in hardness B, the pencils come in nine colours. 

Trendy fountain pens for students and professionals

The Grip 2010 “Trend” by Faber-Castell offers maximum comfort for both right- and left-handers and comes in stylish pink, turquoise and blue. The Grip 2011 “Classic” is ideal for young professionals who still like using fountain pens. It is available in classic silver, black and midnight blue. 

Kaweco likewise boasts a selection of elegant fountain pens. A must-have for all vintage fans is the STUDENT series which combines the colours of the 70s – orange and cream – with warm golden designs. The AL Sport Deep Red, on the other hand, catches the eye with its striking metal body made from high-quality aluminium. This lightweight model is perfect for on the go. The AL Sport is supplied in four other colours as well as in the models RAW and Stonewashed. Kaweco is adding the colour navy to its CLASSIC Sport series and the soft pastel shade Fox to the SKYLINE Sport series. Every series consists of fountain pens, mechanical pencils, clutch pencils, ballpoint pens and gel rollerball pens. 

The KISS KISS series from ONLINE Schreibgeräte conjures up holiday memories that brighten up dull days at school. The designs of the fountain, calligraphy and rollerball pens create trendy contrasts, with soft shades of turquoise combined with pixelated suns and hearts. The series is rounded off with matching stationery such as college pads and notebooks. 

Innovations in writing utensils

PILOT PEN is adding a new innovative Fineliner to its cult pen series FriXion. Available in twelve colours, the pen is designed with thermo-sensitive ink. This means that it can be erased without a trace by rubbing it with the plastic tip located on the Fineliner’s cap. 

Dexterity and fine motor skills are needed for pen spinning, a craze where pens are moved acrobatically between the fingers. SA.BI.NE trend is responding to this latest form of contact juggling with its Spinning Pens. The company has developed the blue fineline roller pens with a 0.5mm nib in collaboration with the renowned manufacturer Zhiago. Depending on the model, either two metal ball bearings on the plastic ends or reinforced plastic caps help to set the pens in motion. The range encompasses three models, suitable for beginners to advanced jugglers.

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