Innovations and Trends in the Artistic and Creative segment

How many colours are there in the world? However many there are, the newly introduced colour palettes, pens and craft kits can capture them all. The offers in the Artistic and Creative product group showed off their bright side at Insights-X from 4 to 6 October 2018 and surprised a lot of visitors with their wealth of colour effects. A colourful selection of these innovations can be found in the third instalment of our six-part innovation report.

Colourful coloured pencils

The company Faber-Castell is launching a limited edition to mark Polychromos’ 111th anniversary. Four metal cases in various sizes serve as luxurious storage solutions, which are filled with 12, 24 or 36 artists’ pencils. To stay true to the original pencils, they are designed with the traditional seal, whilst the cases are adorned with the original motif, a spectacular sunrise.

Lively and intense colours are on the agenda for the pencils in the Colors Pure Nature line from Pajory. The round pencils from certified wood have a three-millimetre lead which is extremely break-resistant. They come in sets of 12 or 24.

Children cannot resist picking up and drawing with the Colori Colouring Pencils from Eberhard Faber which are characterised by their radiant and vivid colour combinations. Small drawing errors can be quickly and easily rubbed away with the colourful eraser on the top of each pencil. The break-resistant pencils are made from 52% recycled materials. Sparkly highlights can be created with the EFA Glitter Felt-Tip Pens. They are also perfect for decorating gift tags and greetings cards. The felt-tip pens with ventilated caps are available in eight colours.

A seemingly infinite diversity of colour is found in the two boxes from the Colour Happy Edition from edding. The compact Colour Happy Box contains 20 edding 1340 brush pens, including ten new colours. The supplied Brush Pen Colour Mixer brings the total of possible shades to 190. New worlds for ambitious painting enthusiasts are opened up by the Colour Happy Big Box, which comprises not only brush pens and fibre pens but also fineliners, gel roller pens and profipens. The 69 pens are all colour coordinated.

Paints for many materials

The PINTOR creative markers from PILOT PEN are the ideal creative tool for both hobby artists and craft professionals. Offering 24 colours, the markers cover a wide spectrum of shades from loud to pastel and metallic. The pens are available with immediate effect in sizes EF and B and can be used on a variety of different surfaces.

Decorating textiles with handmade designs is a fun pastime enjoyed by many. The popular edding 4500 Textile Markers and edding 4600 Textile Pens are valuable tools of the trade. They are now offered in three tailormade sets, each containing five pens in coordinating colours. The different packs all come with interesting suggestions and ideas. Artistic minds can create their very own personal masterpieces with the edding Permanent Spray. The spray is now also available in the on-trend colours mellow mint, moss green, rose gold and vibrant amber.

STAEDTLER sends hobbyists on artistic expeditions with its Design Journey. The series comprises around 30 products in more than 60 product variations. They include luminous acrylics, fine pastel chalks, double ended brush markers, highly pigmented wood-cased coloured pencils, woodless coloured pencils with watercolour lead and premium-quality artists’ pencils. All Design Journey products feature a motif inspired by the North American wilderness, serving both as models and inspiration. 

Creative crafting in 3D

The hobby-craft trend continues to go from strength to strength with FIMO. Fans of the modelling clays can look forward in the second quarter of 2019 to FIMO leather effect. Compared to the other hardened FIMO modelling clays, this one is considerably more malleable and elastic, so that it can be modelled three-dimensionally and handled like leather. FIMO leather effect will be launched onto the market in twelve fresh, modern colours and can be combined perfectly with FIMO soft and FIMO professional.

Lanterns are an eye-catcher not only on processions. They also look great decorating children’s bedrooms or at themed parties. folia® is bringing out new Lantern Sets featuring the themes Sun, Moon & Stars, Outer Space, Ghost, Monster Pony, Frozen and Underwater World. Each set contains everything needed to make a lantern from scratch. The supplied 3D adhesive pads allow the lantern to ‘hover’ and make it look three-dimensional. The sets are rounded off with a wire holder, a wooden lantern stick and an LED light. For fans of paper art, folia® has also developed new Little Paper Frames for showing photos in their best light. The frames are easy to make and are also suitable for younger children thanks to the manageable folding technique. They are available in the models Basic, Pastel, Quadratic and Rectangular. The frames can be decorated individually, adding a stylish element to any home.

To give children some peace and calm in their often busy and stressful lives, Loick Biowertstoff has created new motifs for PlayMais®. MOSAIC DREAM Unicorn enables kids from five years to create their very own unicorns. Six templates are just waiting to be used with the more than 2,300 colourful PlayMais®. Older children can give their imagination a free rein with the Trendy MOSAIC Rainbow. PlayMais® are available with immediate effect also as Mini-MOSAICS in a pocket format. Each box features four themes and comes with two colourful printed templates and 300 PlayMais®. Loick Biowertstoff has the perfect products for freestyle mosaic artists in MOSAIC 1600 Girls and MOSAIC 1600 Mixed.

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