Innovations and Trends in Paper and Filing

Monotonous school work and uninspiring notes belong in the past. Paper and filing products impressed at Insights-X in Nuremberg from 4–6 October 2018, boasting lots of new designs and colours guaranteed to shake up the daily routine. A small selection of these innovations is included in the second instalment of our six-part innovation report.

New collections for the school and office

All children can immerse themselves in the imaginative underwater world of Little Mermaid from Baier & Schneider. The beautifully designed collection encompasses refreshing accessories and shimmer effects. It comprises a variety of different notepads, folders, pencil sharpeners and pens. The range is rounded off with pencil cases, stickers, a wallet, timetables, a PE bag and a small school gift cone for the first day of school. Interpreted in a provocative tattoo style, the new “Skull” range targets all boys aged 12 and over. The black-and-white products are nicely finished with effective gold film. 

Set against a striped or dotted background, the motifs from the Flamingo & Lama series from Veloflex are completely on-trend, adorning A4 and A5 ring files, A3 and A4 binders as well as notebooks in a matching “Dots” design. 

It’s all about colour in Pajory’s neu:Style collection, featuring not only notepads and document files but also wiro notepads for school along with wide and narrow document folders. Pastels set the tone in the BE Collection. The files, notepads and wiro notebooks brighten up the day with cheerful slogans such as “Simply happy, to embrace those rainy days” or “Simply you, with everything that makes you unique”. Pajory has also created a stylish range of notebooks for the office environment. The Class Pastel Hard Cover Notebooks are supplied in five colours and bring a touch of glamour to the working day.

Digital bridge building in paper

Hand-written notes can be a useful learning aid and help kids and adults to structure their ideas. At the same time, we have come to expect transparency and the immediate availability of data in our digital world. In response, Hamelin is building a bridge between the digital and analogue worlds with its Oxford brand, turning paper into a smart feature with SCRIBZEE®. The free, cloud-based app makes it possible to quickly scan, save and send hand-written notes and documents from an Oxford product. So far, the College pads from A5 upwards are among the products already compatible with the app. 

Brilliant designs and colours for notes

The charming list pad from the I’ve Got Felines For You series from Santoro London, is perfect for jotting down tasks, thoughts and for shopping trip reminders. Embellished with stylish artwork, the pad has a dusk pink border and white lined pages for easier note-making. The Tropical Collection page-tab sticky note folders add a splash of colour to any desk. Each folder contains eight different sticky notes in tropical colours. They come in the “Sloth” and “Toucan” designs. 

New Sticky Notes are also on the cards at Global Notes – a business division of AMC AG. The pads in brilliant colours are available with practical line and box prints, making it easier to maximise the space when jotting down notes and reminders, and adding structure to the workplace. Like all the products from the leading manufacturer of self-adhesive and repositionable sticky notes, these notes can be removed without leaving residues and are environmentally friendly. 

From next January, monbijou from Lingen Verlag will be visited by the ever popular Peanuts. The Peanuts Sticky Note Box with Heart contains sticky notes in three sizes. They are well protected in an embossed flap box with a magnetic fastener, that brings a touch of style to any desk. The matching notebook “Lass die Gedanken fliegen” (Let your thoughts take flight) offers plenty of space for long and short notes. Equipped with a practical zip, it ensures that notes and pens never go missing. The closable notebooks are also available in many other, trendy cover designs with special messages.

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