Innovations and Trends for the Desktop

Clearing your desk gives you space to work efficiently. With this in mind, manufacturers exhibited all kinds of containers, desk organisers and storage accessories at Insights-X from 4–6 October 2018. These products make you want to tidy your desk at the end of the year to start the new year afresh in an orderly frame of mind. A selection of desktop and organisation aids is included in the fourth instalment of our six-part innovation report.

Create space using clever storage

With everything from storage boxes to LED table lamps and desktop accessories, CEP Office Solutions specialises in a wide spectrum of product lines for the office, school and home. The market leader in France is adding new exciting colours and a variety of different designs to its SMOOVE Drawer Box line. A textured surface lends the boxes a sophisticated and contemporary finish. SMOOVE is available with five drawers in three different sizes as well as with five flat compartments suitable for DIN A4 formats. Thanks to ergonomic handles, the drawers are easy to open and close with the fingertips.

The Ellypse OWA office accessories are made from 100% recycled materials. The series, which has been developed in collaboration with Armor, not only includes letter trays and waste bins but also desktop drawer modules with four or eight drawers, desk organisers and step sorters.

The new Block Bottom Bags from Rico Design offer plenty of storage space. The two-ply, sturdy paper gives the bags extra strength and stability. The bags are offered in various sizes, colours and graphic designs. Creative minds will love enhancing the block bottom bags using the stencils, home acrylic paints, stickers and a wide selection of pens.

Design your own stamps

Stamps are the perfect way to jazz up stationery or add the finishing touches to hand-crafted gifts. Efco creative has developed the self-colouring NIO® stamp especially for this purpose. It is ready to use and is supplied in ten stamp colours designed specifically for the collection. Every NIO® stamp comes with a code which enables hobbyists to create individual motifs using an online configurator. The stamps and ink pads can easily be replaced. 

Whiteboard markers for window styling 

Decorating windows with chalkboard paint is another current and highly popular trend. Rico Design offers practical Chalk Markers in a wide spectrum of colours. The classic colours are found alongside shimmering shades such as silver and gold as well as fresh pastels. The chalk markers are all water-based and are ideal for smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramic and blackboard finishes. They are matt when dry and can be wiped away with a damp cloth. Stacks of inspiration is offered by the stencil packs on different themes such as Halloween and Christmas. 

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