Influencer marketing to push your sales

Their powerful presence and high standing on social media platforms makes influencers – right behind friends and customer reviews – the most credible source for product recommendations. But how does influencer marketing become a genuine opportunity to generate additional sales?


How does successful influencer marketing work?

To secure success from a cooperation with an influencer it is best to follow these steps: The first goal is to define the target group and their preferred social medial channels. This is then followed by detailed research on influencers with subsequent approach, quality and quantity-based analysis of the influencer as well as an evaluation of the ad density and identification of advertising. Even fraud in the shape of a fake reach, engagement rates or clicks is exposed. Ultimately, a clear goal should be defined for the influencer and a cooperation communication should be agreed which is clear to all parties.

The top three goals of an influencer campaign include:

  • improving a brand's reputation
  • increasing the brand awareness
  • developing new target groups.

The reach of the individual influencers can impact the relationship with the community. A low gross coverage tends to point to a more relaxed relationship of the influencer with their community. So-called micro influencers are frequently booked to generate a high number of content pieces, thereby generating greater awareness of the brand.

So-called mid-size influencers (with between 100,000 and 500,000 followers) are perceived as close to the everyday realities of consumers. This ups the opportunity to raise the ROI (return on investment) while the overall reach of the cooperation increases. Influencers with a very high gross coverage are often perceived as a testimonial or role model and therefore are the sole face of a cooperation. Be sure to pay attention to the high web density that comes with a celebrity endorsement which can lead to the influencer showcasing a product less authentically to their community. Still, despite the high number of followers, a high waste coverage can be noted as the community tends to be broadly based.

Which channels are relevant within influencer marketing?

Four social media platforms are considered fully-fledged channels for influencer marketing: Blogs, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. This is rounded off by market newcomers like TikTok.

Blogs appeal to a larger target group which distinguishes itself by a field of topic. Bloggers tie the brand or the product into a personal and comprehensive feature on the topic which can generate a strong interaction between the reader and the blogger.

80 million photos are shared, and 3.5 billion likes are set on Instagram each day – that amounts to some serious added value for influencer marketing. Be it posts, videos or stories, everything can be used to showcase the product and introduce it to the community.

YouTube is an audio-visual channel which makes it easy to emotionalise content. It helps a company to reach its target group on yet another level. YouTube helps to convey messages clearly and creatively and to generate implementations and reach.

Pinterest is a digital search engine which can generate up to 80 % of a blog post’s traffic. Blog posts from influencers are pinned together with a picture and compiled on a theme-related Pinterest board. Each pin is thus linked to the original contribution of the influencer and can be retrieved in the long run thanks to the content-based added value.

Is the success of a cooperation with an influencer measurable?

To measure the quality of a cooperation, multiple things need to be considered. It is crucial to set the outline conditions, to establish an influencer management as well as an integrated communication approach and forecast the success of the campaign in addition to optimising its net coverage.

The ratios for measuring success vary depending on the channel. It is therefore essential that the chosen platform fits in with the campaign goal. If the right selection is made here, the success of a cooperation is easily measurable via the relevant performance indicators of the respective platform.

Specifics for a cooperation about stationery products

The focal point of influencer campaigns for the retail trade tends to centre on the product range rather than individual products. Influencers often integrate discount codes or concessions into their posts to attract attention to special campaigns or new seasonal product ranges. Moreover, a cooperation tends to focus for the most part on adding value and the unique selling proposition of the retailer. Listings and a long-term, diverse cooperation to demonstrate product variety of stationery products can bring positive results here. And even storytelling where influencers combine the respective product range with a personal account has a highly positive effect.

What does an influencer cooperation for stationery look like in practice?

Best Practice: arsEdition - the new premium product line deluxe

The blogger introduced the new deluxe premium product line by arsEdition in editorials. The aim of the campaign was to place the new line as a gift idea within the blogsphere, to generate coverage and attention and to inspire the readership.

The blogger introduced some of the products from the deluxe line in October after the Frankfurt Book Fair which were simply ideal gifts. The products to be introduced came either from arsEdition or the blogger was able to select two or three products herself. The influencers’ posts covered gifting and cited, for example, from the "Special Booklets". The blogger then explained in detail who she would gift the set to, and why. She also offered wrapping tips and ideas for a particularly appealing content for Christmas cards. The campaign continued on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Here you can download the German version of the Influencer Marketing Guide 2020 from blogfoster GmbH.

German Influencer Marketing Guide 2020

About the author:

Heide Herbst has been working at blogfoster since 2018 as an influencer marketing expert. Her long-standing experience in designing digital advertising strategies for a variety of clients at companies like Axel Springer Media Impact and Gameloft allows her and her team to advise and evolve advertising clients from a large variety of sectors. At blogfoster, she focuses on books, toys, and fast-moving consumer goods as well as workshops, webinars and presentations on influencer marketing.

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