Industry boom through Corona - Interview with Anouk Pauwels, Red Robin Design

Red Robin Design is still very fresh in the stationery and bag industry. Nevertheless, the company from Belgium has already managed to secure important licenses as well as the exclusive distribution of Nintendo bags. In this interview, founder Anouk Pauwels tells us more about her ambitious plans and why she is so looking forward to Insights-X in October.

You have known Insights-X for several years. What makes the stationery trade show from Nuremberg so special to you?

It is a place where all buyers come and check the new ranges, a place where everyone in this specific industry meets and greets.

Your company is still very young - what products do you offer?

Our core business is bags and stationery. We are also the exclusive dealer for Nintendo licensed bags, as well as My Hero Academia, Captain Tsubasa and many more.

Why did you decide to found your own company? 

We are experienced bag developers who have proven ourselves in the market. We have decades of experience in the field and the time was right to start our own company, sign licenses and focus on our own mission. While the market has suffered from the covid crisis, retailers are still looking for ways to keep their assortments attractive. We had the opportunity to sign important licenses for Fortnite and Naruto, for example, and felt ready to launch under our own company name.

What is your long term goal with Red Robin Design?

We are well on our way to become the number one company specialised in bags, luggage and stationery with gaming licences, focussing on all segments of the market, from the young (almost pre-school) player to the die hard gamer.

What product highlights do you have in store at Insights-X 2021 that you can already tell us something about?

We will launch new collections in Fortnite and Nintendo, as well as other exciting new products with specific gaming assets that are already in the pipeline, but we cannot communicate yet.

What opportunities have arisen from the last few months, marked by home office and home schooling?

We have signed close cooperations with large, high performing online retailers throughout Europe, and thanks to the changed lifestyles due to the restrictions, the gaming industry and its licenses have really boomed.

From your perspective, why is it worthwhile for small businesses to participate in trade shows?

It is important to introduce ourselves to the market, to feel and see what the competition has been up to the past 1,5 years. It would be the first post-covid fair in our industry, and we simply cannot wait to participate, to see our friends and customers again after a long period of enforced silence. Big or small, the world is our playground!

Thank you very much for the interview!

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