How retailers can reach (new) target groups with social media

Our everyday companion – the smartphone – is now a permanent feature in our society. Younger generations, in particular, can no longer imagine life without internet or mobile phones. Above all, they are spending a lot of time on social media and this opens up new opportunities and possibilities for retailers to get themselves found more easily by relevant target groups and to get (new) customers actively excited about them. Used alongside the retailer’s own website or other sales platforms, social media offers the ideal way to generate even more reach. 

The cornerstone for success: finding the right platforms

Before retailers blast off for the social media cosmos, they should carry out some basic preparations that will have a significant impact on the success of their own channels. While a retailer’s affinity for particular platforms is only one of the decisive factors for commercial success, the fit between their own target group, the company strategy and the characteristics of the respective platform should play a crucial role in the choice of social media channels. The key to the initial orientation lies in answering the following questions: What platforms actually exist and what characteristics does each one have? Does absolutely every retailer need to be on Instagram? Is TikTok a relevant social media platform for small retailers? Who can you reach through Facebook? What role do the other social media platforms play?

Taking off: what makes a social media presence successful

As soon as the choice of the right platforms has been made, the next focus is the planning and creation of content. Tips and practical examples of the different formats and content strategies can help retailers to implement their own social media presence and to create content that adds value. Good organisation, planning and a keen sense of the target group – and their needs – form the nuts and bolts of successful content. Social media platforms can also assist those retailers who do not yet know their target group all that well. By following-up on activities, it is possible to identify which content is a big hit and which content flops. This can then be used as a basis to optimise the whole social media presence and identify new content. Interactive formats on the platforms, such as short surveys or quizzes, can also contribute to identifying the needs and desires of potential customers.

Are you not yet active on social media? Is your activity in its infancy or are you looking for something to help ignite your social media presence? Svenya Scholl from Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Handel will be giving us countless tips in her talk Social media as a modern sales channel for the retail industry. Easy when you know how! You can listen to the talk during the Insights-X Online live event.

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About the author:

Svenya Scholl is a Project Consultant for the Centre of Excellence for SME 4.0 Retail at the Institute for Trade Research (IFH) in Cologne. Her particular focus is on the topics of digital visibility, social media and customer focus in retail

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